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Non-Orange Things: Not So Strong

Here's your latest fix on news around MLS - no orange allowed.

Jamie Squire

All of the news that came out on Wednesday was pretty much pay back for me slacking off and not getting this post up because thanks to the Red Bulls and Brek Shea I had to get rid of my good stuff and start over. Just hit the delete button and start over. Trash the best post I had ever written. The most amazing post to have ever been seen by man kind. Well okay maybe that's a little dramatic but still curse you MLS.

Chicago Fire

Made a huge pre-draft pickup getting Jeff Larentowicz to help bring more experience into the midfield.

Chivas USA

Provided us with further proof that foreign coaches just don't understand how the draft works by announcing who they planned to draft in the days prior to the draft. Granted they kept with the new club policy by drafting Carlos Alvarez but it sucked the suspense out of the second draft pick while leaving the trolls hoping that someone would draft him out from under them.

Rumors have started floating around that Dan Kennedy may no longer fit into the teams plans. Because getting rid of one of the top goal keepers in the league is always a brilliant idea and to let other team you want rid of him is even smarter.

Acquired Eric Avila from Colorado in exchange for Nick LaBrocca.

FC Dallas

Since Taylor Twellman first tweeted that Stoke was wanting to buy Brek Shea from Dallas there has been a steady stream of will they or won't they information depending on what hour you looked. Finally word broke on Wednesday that the MLS had declined the EPL clubs offer after Dallas had already agreed to terms with the club (sound familiar?). Way to go MLS, once again you have mucked up the works for one of soccer's rising stars to further his development. Who can blame you? What a pain it would have been to re-shoot those addidas commercials. For any one interested in joining Juan Agudelo has already started a #freebrekshea campaign on twitter.

LA Galaxy

A deal of Frank Lampard to the Galaxy from Chelsea is said to be complete at any moment but the moments keep passing and nothing has happened so far.

Signed Juninho on a permanent basis from Sao Paulo.

Bruce Arena said during a press conference that Landon Donovan will play soccer this year. However, he never said exactly who he would play for or when he was expected to return. So the wandering Dovovan still wanders.

New York Red Bulls

Still dont have a camp started and they don't have a does that happen?

Okay I cheated I had to at least keep some of the above thought process posted because that's what we were all thinking. But the Bulls now have a leader, Mike Petke. That's right no foreign guy, no Eric Wynalda, just the assistant coach becoming head coach. He spent two seasons at the Red Bulls as assistant after a playing career that began with being drafted by the pink cows in 1998. So the club drew this out and created all this news coverage and drama for a guy they already had on the pay roll. Nice.

Sporting Kansas City

Parted ways with the LiveStrong foundation so that LiveStrong Sporting Park is now Sporting park. The relationship between the foundation and the club deteriorated quickly once LiveStrong began to divulge details of the partnership between the two that were supposed to remain private. President Robb Heineman didn't let any grass grown under his feet after issuing a statement about dissolving the partnership the LiveStrong sign was removed from the stadium within 24 hours. The team was already without jersey sponsorship and now is in need of a stadium sponsor. No word yet on what is going to happen to Lance Armstrong's yellow seat at the stadium. I vote they get the Rolling Stones to sponsor them and paint it black.