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Macoumba Kandji Officially Joins Kalloni FC in Greece

According to their official website, Kalloni FC in the Greek second division.


It appears Macoumba Kandji has finally found a home - and it's not with a huge European club. Ok, that last part was of course a joke; we all know Kandji has talent, but a move outside of MLS to a powerhouse club in Europe was an unrealistic goal for the striker.

Yesterday, Kandji tweeted out that he had mistakenly walked into a Greek taxi driver's convention. Apparently, that wasn't the only thing he was doing in Greece. Late yesterday, we updated our initial post that reported Kandji was in negotiations with a second division Greek club.

According to their official website, Kalloni FC has inked Kandji to a deal. While my Greek isn't my strongest foreign language (ok so I don't speak a word), the English saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is appropriate here. On the front page, Kandji is seen putting a pen to paper while sporting the scarf of the club.

Kalloni, commonly referred to as AELK, plays in the Football League, the second division of Greek soccer.

Prior to signing in Greece, Kandji reportedly made his way through Turkey on trial with Clermont Foot. Negotiations were said to break down with Clermont and both had moved on.

After his contract expired with the Houston Dynamo in December, Kandji expressed his desire to look at other options even though Houston attempted to re-sign him. Because the Dynamo made an offer to Kandji, the club will retain his MLS rights.