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Be the GM 2013: Part Two - The General Manager

First, you were Head Coach. Now, you get to be GM. What moves do you make?

Yes, that's Harry Redknapp.  Yes, QPR beat Chelsea.  Yes, he can be your head coach!
Yes, that's Harry Redknapp. Yes, QPR beat Chelsea. Yes, he can be your head coach!
Ian Walton

A couple offseasons ago, I ran a series of posts based on the infamous Be the GM articles many sites have run in the past. Some people loved it, some people could have done without it. Either way, it was a fun chance to take the reins of the organization and take an in depth look at how things are run and operate from a general manager standpoint.

This offseason sees the series return, and not a whole lot has changed. Each article will run for one week's time, and you will each have a chance to post your ideas in the comments. Everyone will have the opportunity during the week to nitpick, but if you ultimately believe in your ideas then you will be able to support them.

Looking for the Part One -- Be the Head Coach? Click here.

Update: So, apparently some people have disliked the first stipulation from Tim Lieweke below. With that in mind, I have elected to remove that stipulation for this week in order to prepare for it's addition into next week's Be the GM post. Those who include stipulation #1 this week will receive one extra entry into the contest. Oh boyee!

The second installment of the Be the GM series hands you the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. In the first phase, you were the Head Coach, and while you had some control over player movement there were a number of restrictions as to how many and what type. As the GM, though, you are given one of the best opportunities to shape the future of the Houston Dynamo going forward.

This time around you are also given much more leeway. Since this "experiment" is more or less fantasy, I feel inclined to really let your minds run wild. So without further adieu,

"Tim Lieweke has approached you with the General Manager position, and you have accepted. Your number one condition was AEG had to provide one hundred percent support to any and all decisions you make regarding the team. Lieweke reluctantly agreed. He had a litany of his own stipulations, and they are listed in your contract below."

'1) The General Manager, known henceforth as 'you', shall provide a plan to incorporate a farm system the likes of which is unrivaled in Major League Soccer. You, as GM, will have our full support in whatever means you feel you must pursue to achieve this goal. This goal takes precedence over the other stipulations outlined further below.

2) The General Manager shall provide a list of five candidates for Designated Player status. We, AEG, would like to make it clear money is no restriction with your first Designated Player signings. We would advise you to consider both market implications and also personnel impact for now and into the future.

3) The General Manager shall provide a list of three candidates for Head Coach. If the current Head Coach is determined to satisfy the General Manager's needs/desires, then three candidates for two Assistant Coaching positions must be submitted. These coaches may be pulled from any league and may include any length of amount of experience. Again, money is not a restriction on these candidates.

4) The General Manager shall provide a list of three MLS targets. These targets may be pulled from current Players, Reserves or Home-Grown Players. These three targets should include a short description of the player and their position in your system as well as why they are desirable for the franchise.

5) The General Manager shall, finally, provide a list of four MLS SuperDraft targets. These may come from the top end of the draft or the back end. It does not matter as we will provide the means and support to help you acquire what you deem necessary.'

There you have it. Run wild. I know you will...

Also note: This post signifies the end of the previous Be the GM post. It will remain up for comments and dissections, but this one is where you should post your next set of concepts.

And remember, there will be a couple of prize "packs" handed out at the conclusion of the final Be the GM post. Winners will be selected from all participants, with those offering concepts in each post having the highest chance to win one of the packs.

UPDATE: Comments with concepts will be accepted for the "contest" through end of day (7PM CST) on January 18th, 2013.