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FIFA 14, Pro Club and Virtual Pro

The release of FIFA 14 was just a week ago and already I find myself playing it more than the last release of the game. This year's iteration has more to do online, and the overall presentation is improved over last year's.

FIFA 14 really amps up Pro Clubs. Are you in a Pro Club yet? If not, join MLSFI's!
FIFA 14 really amps up Pro Clubs. Are you in a Pro Club yet? If not, join MLSFI's!
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, EA Sports releases a new version of the video game, FIFA. This year's iteration is titled FIFA 14, representative of the season it represents in Europe. This iteration of FIFA is actually quite good, and I have been playing a bunch of it after work and on the weekends. One of the many modes I enjoy most, though? Pro Clubs.

FIFA Pro Club allows gamers to use their virtual pros (a player the gamer creates) in one of the 11 positions on the field, along with 10 other players on the same team (from the same club). Personally, I am in the MLSFI (MLS Fantasy Insiders) Pro Club along with Twitter people, @travi_the_rabbi and @ericwalcott.

What is really unique is as you play, you complete achievements which in turn improve your pros stats and abilities. The great thing is this encourages you to play more, while at the same time striving to do well so that your pro can become someone to truly admire. They are, after all, you in the game.

While this isn't to serve as a rating or review of the game itself, that will come later, this is a place for anyone interested in joining the Pro Club, MLSFI, to let us know, and also for those already in it to discuss strategies and such.

We play primarily on the Xbox 360 on Xbox Live.