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Searching for a Striker

With a full season under his belt paired with an out of position central attacking mid playing as a forward, it has become pretty clear Will Bruin needs a true striker alongside him to succeed. Pete Hernandez, a faithful Dynamo Theory reader, took some time to scout a few potential candidates to fill the role.

Is it time for Chicharito to move to the States?
Is it time for Chicharito to move to the States?
Ezra Shaw

Scoring goals this season has not been a strong point for the Houston Dynamo, and I'll be the first one to say I haven't fully supported our primary forward/striker Will Bruin due to his inability to get shots on target.

In his three seasons with the Houston Dynamo, Will Bruin is averaging a 30% success rate in scoring goals, which isn't horrible, but in order for us to be successful we need a forward/striker who can average 40% or more in scoring goals. The following list is forwards/strikers that the Houston Dynamo could sign to make us a championship team.

Miroslav Klose

Club - Lazio (2011 - Current)

Age - 35

Apps - 58

Goals - 28

Percentage 48%

Interest in MLS - Yes

Notes - Klose has expressed interest in signing with the MLS. This signing is something I'm not sold on due to his age, and who ever signs him next will get two year max out of him. But he does score goals so I can't knock that, and he could teach the young Dynamo forwards something.

Dejan Damjanović

Club - FC Seoul

Age - 32

Apps - 186

Goals - 113

Percentage - 61%

Interest in MLS - Unknown

Notes - He has been a wrecking ball in the K-League, taken their golden boot back to back and setting the record. The K-League is highly competitive and at the same level of MLS, this could be an amazing signing for the Dynamo.

Didier Drogba

Club - Chelsea (2004-2012)

Age - 35

Apps - 226

Goals - 100

Percentage - 44%

Interest in MLS - Yes

Notes - His age does come in to play like Klose, but he can still score goals like Klose. He has played in two other clubs since leave his mark at Chelsea and at each club scoring over 45% of the time still. Another long shot but he is well known and can score goals.

Eduardo Vargas

Club - Universidad de Chile (2010 - 2012)/Napoli (2012)/Grêmio(2013 on loan)

Age - 23

Apps -105 (between the 3)

Goals - 39 (between the 3)

Percentage - 37% (average)

Interest in MLS - Unknown

Notes - Although his average between the three clubs is 37% I wanted to include because of his stint in Universidad de Chile where he averaged 41% and his current stint in Grêmio where he is at 50%. With a bit more work this man could be a monster in the MLS in goal scoring.

Samuel Eto'o

Club - Anzhi Makhachkala

Age - 32

Apps - 53

Goals - 25

Percentage - 47%

Interest in MLS - Yes

Notes - Prior to Eto'o signing with Chelsea there was talks of him coming to the MLS. This man can score goals he averaged a 47% goal scoring rate with Anzhi, 49% with Inter, and an astonishing 74% with Barcelona. He is a proven goal scorer that can score anywhere it looks like. He is worth pursuing since his time at Chelsea may not be long.

The next two I'm throwing as future potentials and are long shots to sign in the MLS, but are loan potentials for the club.

Loïc Rémy

Club - Marseille

Age - 26

Apps - 68

Goals - 27

Percentage - 39%
Interest in MLS - Doubtful

Notes - Although he is right under that magical 40% number, I think this is someone we could secure on a season loan. He just signed to Queens Park Rangers and is at a 43% scoring rate with them, but has since been loaned out to Newcastle United and sits at 100%. I think this could be an interesting loan signing for the Dynamo.

Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez

Club - Manchester United (2009 - Current)

Age - 25

Apps - 53

Goals - 35

Percentage - 66%

Interest in MLS - Yes

Notes - His contract is till 2015 at the minimum and is pretty coveted in Europe right now. But I think this could be highly worth pursuing especially given his lack of playing time in Manchester United. Chivas USA turned down a loan offer for him prior him signing to ManU so the interest is there for him to come to the MLS. He is a long shot but in a couple of years it is a possibility if we pursue.