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Houston Dynamo v Montreal Impact Ticket Giveaway - the aftermath

We received a few entries, and thanks to the entrants we have permission to share five of them with you!

This guy understood the giveaway. Too bad he didn't participate.
This guy understood the giveaway. Too bad he didn't participate.
Bob Levey

First, our winner.


There is so much win going on here, but don't take my word for it. From Michael himself, describing his...for lack of a better term...creation:

The story on the pic is that I work for a Brazilian Oil & Gas company, so of course many people here support their clubs back home. Anyway, when I first started I became friends with a guy who is a Flamengo supporter, and he gave me a little mascot (its a toucan) before he headed back to Brazil.

So Step 1: I takes the mascot, use a picture of Brad from the #Push4Playoffs imagery and voila, O Ultra do Dynamo. I even added a little captioning in the pictures (you have to zoom)

Step 2: Profit (holds out hand to collect tickets)

The remaining entrants are in no particular order.


Meet Giant Boniek Garcia. He runs this town. Andrew spent some time on this due to the lighting and getting the position of the horizon just right. We think he did an excellent job!


Is that Diesel? Well, sort of. Meet a "Gem" of a Diesel. Isn't Gemma the Diesel just adorable?


Meet Talley. I still haven't figured out who this particular keeper (or defender) might be, but I do know that ball is going into the net and that means it is a Dynamo GOOOOOOOLAZO! Dale Dynamo, indeed!


This is AJ's Dad. We like to think he will forever be known as Dynamo Dad around these parts. And in case you were wondering? He wore this to work today. Dynamo Dad definitely has the whole orange look figured out!

Thanks again to all of our awesome entrants for participating, and again congratulations to our winner, Michael Morales. Keep your eyes peeled! You never know when we'll run another giveaway!

(Photos posted with express consent from each contestant, but the copyrights for these photos still belong to the contestant. So no stealing!)