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A Call to Keyboards: The Dynamo Theory Brian Ching Tribute

The 2013 season is over for the Dynamo, and with it, Brian Ching closes the book on what has been a remarkable career. The Dynamo are giving him a testimonial on 12/13, and DT wants your help in building up to it. Read on to find out how to help us.

Bob Levey

With the passing of Thanksgiving and the looming end of November, the day of Brian Ching's testimonial draws ever nearer. The Hawaiian native turned Houstonian stalwart has played his final professional game for the Houston Dynamo, and will hang up his cleats as the year ends.

But not until he's taken part in one final hurrah. The Dynamo are hosting a testimonial, with funds from the tickets going to Ching's Habitat for Humanity project - The House that Ching Built. He's helped raise money to build one house already, but he's looking to help out a second family, and the Dynamo have decided to pitch in.

The testimonial isn't until December 13th (more on that in later posts), but we here at Dynamo Theory have decided to start that buildup now. As I tweeted a few days ago, we're going to try to get up as many memories of Brian Ching as we can. And as he's been a part of this club since its inception, I'm sure we won't have that much trouble.

So in case you missed the tweet, I'm giving you all a call to keyboards. The DT staff will have our own memories to talk about, but we welcome all of yours. If you have a special memory - or even just a fond one - feel free to write a fanpost about it, and we'll make sure it gets attention.

Ching has given this city so much. Let's help show our thanks over the next few weeks.