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Houston Moving Forward On NWSL Team

Dynamo ownership has given the green light on the team moving forward in acquiring a NWSL team.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

It was tweeted out by team President Chris Canetti Saturday morning that the Dynamo are moving forward to bring an NWSL team to Houston. There still steps to be take to finalize the deal but it looks like Houston will be getting it's very own NWSL team.

The public first learned of a potential team when the Dynamo sent out a survey to season ticket holders to gauge peoples' feelings about a team coming to Houston. After a strong positive response, the front office took an unconventional approach by pre-selling season tickets, looking to account for at least 4,500 tickets. They fell short of that number, but sales were still strong enough for the front office to move forward. Team president Chris Canetti took the proposal for a team to ownership who have given their approval.

If the team were to play in the National Women's Soccer League starting in the 2014 season the Dynamo would have little time to get the team up and running. The NWSL's college draft will be taking place on January 17 between that and determining potential allocation of National Team players the Dynamo will have to get things into place quickly. The team will be playing at BBVA Compass Stadium home of your Houston Dynamo. The NWSL and MLS outfitted by Nike and Adidas respectively so don't expect the team to be outfitted identical to the Dynamo but orange would be a safe bet.

As for the formation of the team it-self the easiest move at least from an already functioning team stand point would be to merge with the Houston Aces and bring them to the NWSL. A top team in the WPSL, making a run to the final last year, the Aces already have a fan base and of course the convenient location of Houston,TX. The team has talked about merging with the Dynamo since 2012 and have been clear about their desire to make the jump to the NWSL.

Regardless of who the team is, Houston will be getting its very own women's pro soccer team in a hurry.