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Step Right Up to the Orange Mic: Introduction Time

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Hey readers - yes you! It's time to step up to the mic and introduce yourself to the group. Let's all get to know each other and grow this community.

Patrick Smith

This post is something new to Dynamo Theory, but we're (or at least I) can't take credit for it. Luckily, our writers (unlike me) do other things than obsess about the Houston Dynamo and from time to time will see an idea and think, "Hey we could adopt that at DT." That's what we're doing here. Steve, our newlywed and Soccer Science expert, told me about these posts at the 'other' football blog in Houston, Battle Red Blog.

Without a doubt, I thought if we adopted a similar post a few times a year it would help our community grow.

So, he is our first post where we'll ask you the readers to interact with each other and introduce yourself so we can all get to know our fellow fans and the writers of this site.

So here's the basics.

Interaction is the coolest part of this community - and what better way to interact than getting to know each other.

Dynamo Theory is the most well rounded Dynamo website out there. We have news and all the normal stuff. We have opinion (some that pisses people off and some that makes people happy). We have science - soccer science that is. We even have non orange things from time to time. DT doesn't exist without you the readers. And without your interaction - telling us how we're doing and what else you want to see - we wouldn't have anything to write for.

Don't be shy - you don't have to interact in every single post we put up (although that would be cool). This is a chance for you to just drop in, say hello, say a few things about yourself, and roll out. If you want to comment on other folks posts, feel free.

So I guess this is the awkward part where I go first... *clears throat*

Well, I am the Ordinary Orange Fan. I've been a season ticket holder since 2006 and couldn't think of a better thing to do with my extra time but to write about the Houston Dynamo. I'll admit, I'm an adopted soccer fan having grown up playing basketball and baseball. The good thing is I adopted the Houston Dynamo and here I am.

In addition to the Dynamo, I'm a Liga MX fan through and through. The team I stand behind is the Pumas and you'll often see me tweeting various things about them on game days. I'll admit, it may seem strange that a gringo is as big of a fan of Mexican soccer as I am, but that's just me. Nothing gets me more excited each year than when the Dynamo face off against a Mexican opponent - except against Pumas. That stress I can do without.

Ok Dynamo fans... your turn.

Step on up to the orange mic and let us know who you are!