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Dynamo Close in on Stoke City as Charities Cup Opponent

Every year the Dynamo host a Charities Cup to raise money for a number of different foundations over the year. Each year bringing in a different team from over seas to play against. Last year was Valencia and before that it was Bolton. This years team? Stoke City. Not Stoked about the choice? Remember who comes back- Geoff Cameron.

David Rogers

The fun of the Charities Cup is getting to see teams from the other side of the ocean that most people wouldn't normally get to see. But the best part of Charities Cup is raising money for a good cause right? One of the cool things that the Dynamo have done in recent years is bring in the teams that have former Dynamo players on them. Further proving that you are forever orange.

Bolton coming to Houston a few years ago was no accident. Former orange midfielder Stuart Holden is a central part of the Wanders offense. Holden's impact on the Dynamo was large enough to earn him a pillar in BBVA and he has kept close ties with the team. He helped to bring Bolton to Houston to help support Holden's Heros, his foundation to help support people diagnosed with cancer along with cancer research.

This time it looks to be the EPL's Stoke City who now employ former Dynamo defender Geoff Cameron. The choice of team is really no surprise. If you follow the guys on Twitter you'll see them sending each other good luck messages - well except for when Cameron forgets to include Brad Davis - and trying to find streams of the games while living over seas.

But what kind of opponent will Stoke be? Quite possibly a tough one. The team currently sits 11th in the EPL standings and are currently working another former MLS player, Brek Shea, into their line-up. You might expect that Cameron will know the secrets to shutting down the likes of Will Bruin and Davis, but we have a few new weapons he hasn't played with such as Omar Cummings and Andy Driver. The winner may well be determined by how many of the regulars get put out on the field. But if both teams come to play Stoke may find them self with an "L" and isn't that what we all want to see?

Unfortunately, the games don't always end in the Dynamo's favor. They lost 2-1 against Valencia and 2-0 against Bolton - but remember kids it's for charity.

What's your thoughts on Stoke City being this year's Dynamo Charities Cup opponent?