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It's Rivalry Week in MLS! Yay?

Are you guys ready for some great blood feuds to go down this weekend? Montreal vs Toronto! Irish Night with the Union and the Revs! The Galaxy versus Chivas! Chicago vs SKC! And the Houston Dynamo vs F.C. Dallas!

Screen cap from the FC Dallas video to 'rile' up Houston fans.
Screen cap from the FC Dallas video to 'rile' up Houston fans.

Yeah rivalry week really has my blood pumping can't you tell?

I'm sure that there will be some good rivalry matches played this weekend, but some of them are forced. Really forced - mostly because MLS wants to force this week upon us.

There will be some good rivalry games like Seattle vs. Portland and D.C. United vs the New York Red Bulls.

But Houston vs. Dallas? Well it's doesn't have quite the same power to it it once did.

Earlier this year Richard raised the question who is the Dynamo's rival and the answer wasn't Dallas. It was SKC and lets be honest, wouldn't you rather watch a game against Sporting? But that's not who we face this weekend; instead it's an in-state battle for El Capitan.

Once upon a time the Dynamo-Dallas rivalry was a really good one or was it?

Historically Dallas has only won 3 of the 19 games played between the two teams so how can it really be a hardcore rivalry? At this point, it's mainly because the fans hate each other. And that only goes so far these days. From what I can tell the Dynamo fans mostly just find Dallas fans annoying while the Dallas fans get their panties in a bunch and start with the four letter name calling.

But to help perpetuate all this FC Dallas put out an infomercial this week on their website about a better clean way to crush the orange. Which I think was intended to rile up Orange fans but really I think it just has us shaking our heads. Checked out the Dynamo homepage prior to today? Nary a mention of this weekends game and that's because the team was completely focused on their CONCACAF Champions League game.

With the Santos game behind them, the team answered Dallas' video with a product recall.

Honestly, and this may come back and bite me in the ass, I wish that Dallas was good. Not like league winning or anything but at least well put tougher. I would love to see hard fought games where you never know who is going to win. I feel like that's the way rivalries should be played out. That no matter how good or how bad the other team is they just might pull out a win because that is how the game goes between the two. That's how some of the greatest rivalries in sports play out. Dallas vs. Redskins, Yankees vs. Red Soxs, and since it's March Madness time I'll throw out Duke vs. UNC.

But 3 out of 19, I have a hard time getting excited about that. Don't get me wrong I love being the victor. I love the hell out of it - but wouldn't it be just a little bit more fun if the games were tougher? More like I dunno... a game versus SKC?

So Dallas, you hate us just because we beat you all the time but it doesn't make us your true rivals. It just makes us shake our heads in pity at you. Maybe next year MLS will do us all a solid and have you plays against Chivas instead oh wait... never mind.