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FC Dallas Attempts to Silence Dynamo Supporters

In the last couple days, rumors of the Dynamo supporters being restricted from taking drums and tifo into FC Dallas Stadium have surfaced. Dynamo Theory clears the air for you and gives you the 4-1-1 on what's going on.

Thomas B. Shea

Could the bad blood between FC Dallas and Houston get any worse?

It may have this week after Dallas attempted to impose their own sanctions on the Houston fan base for their use of smoke bombs in 2011 (yes two years ago).

Houston’s supporters were blindsided Thursday when word came down from the Dallas front office that they would not be allowed to have drums, banners, flags or any of the usual paraphernalia that supporters groups bring to the games. This did not sit well with the supporters who felt they had already served their punishment for past crimes, leading them to quickly appeal the sanctions.

Don’t remember what happened in 2011? Let’s recap!

At the end of the 2011 season, MLS sent out a notice that supporters of the Dynamo had violated the league's "Fan Code of Conduct." In the notice they pointed out several instances in which the rotten oranges (what I call fans who do these things to separate them from the law abiding fans) had been found in violation of the code.

In a match against Sporting Kansas City there was a smoke bomb set off.

At the Dallas game that season the rotten oranges were accused of lighting off yet another smoke bomb.

Things came to a head at the 2011 MLS Cup final when the rotten oranges were seen throwing objects at the Galaxy players such as David Beckham and Landon Donovan. They also lit and threw smoke bombs on to the field, and managed to get called out for foul language and obscene gestures.

As a result, they took away the Supporter Group Exemption and told the supporters to be on good behavior and earn back their rights. They also told supporters they had to form a charter and that all groups must have a proper leadership system.

Back to 2013

The good oranges were good and sanctions were lifted last season and our time had been considered served until Dallas decided to attempt to punish the SG's further. Notification on Thursday came out of nowhere and after further ‘discussion’ Dallas back tracked on their plan.

This was the statement from the Texian Army on their Facebook page in regards to the matter.

So there was a lot of confusion today from FC Dallas. We had a conference call with them earlier this afternoon where they informed us that the Dynamo supporters would be sanctioned because of smoke bombs on 9/24/11 in Frisco. We weren't notified about this until today, and had no warning that it was going to happen. As you can imagine, TA and the other SGs raised a stink over it.

After discussion, FCD came back and said that since the punishment that we were handed down by the league after MLS Cup 2011 specifically referenced the game at Dallas, that we were already punished from that incident.

Drums, flags, and limited banners are allowed again. NO SMOKEBOMBS or FLARES at the game. If anything goes off, regardless of when the next Dynamo game at FCD is (even MLS Cup), we will be sanctioned. If you know anyone that plans on bringing smoke, talk them out of it.

So nice try Dallas - but it didn't work. For the league to have allowed Dallas' sanctions to stand would have been utterly absurd. To allow teams that much control over other teams SG's could have quickly caused MLS' rivalry week to escalate.

Everyone knows that there is bad blood between Houston and Dallas. If you love one you hate the other.

This week Dallas put out an infomercial for an orange crushing system and Houston responded with one recalling the Dallas device. That was harmless slinging back and forth between the teams, but this took it a step further. Personally I think it is ridiculous for an organization to take it to such a level. Fans jawing back and forth at each other is one thing, but for the front of an organization to sneak one in and be that underhanded is disgusting. It was last minute attempt meant to piss off the supporters groups and it may have worked, but what they fail to realize is that it only makes us stronger. So thanks for giving us one more reason to hate Dallas and thank God that we are Dynamo fans.

And while I'm at it, thank you to MLS for sanctioning Houston for setting off smoke bombs but then turning around and using the video footage in promotional videos.

It sends a great message to everyone who sees it. Who's ready for Sunday?