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MLS Fantasy 2013: Round 2 Recap

The 2013 season entered into Round 2 with Rivalry Week in full swing. There were plenty of points to be had, and we take a look at how everyone fared in Liga Teoría de Dynamo!

Who felt like Dom after Rounds 2 & 3 in Liga Teoría de Dynamo?
Who felt like Dom after Rounds 2 & 3 in Liga Teoría de Dynamo?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For as long as there have been reporters covering sports, there have been statistics. For as long as there have been records, there have been those who broke them. And, for as long as there have been those of us without the athleticism or talent to become superstars, there have been fantasy sports leagues.

In between the 2012 and 2013 Major League Soccer seasons, SBNation and teamed up to bring your SBNation MLS Fantasy Leagues hosted by (no, that isn't an official name or terminology, but it sure sounds awesome). The best part of these SBNation MLS Fantasy Leagues is that those who participate have a chance at some pretty cool prizes.

Oh, I forgot to mention those in my first post? Yeah, the SBNation MLS Blogs didn't really get the go ahead to announce them until a day or so before MLS March to Soccer kicked off the MLS Season. Without further adieu, let us enter into the realm of Terms & Conditions and Rules for these contests, which can be found here. Please note everyone who participates in the SBNation MLS Fantasy Leagues, whether for a single blog or the huge MLS Fantasy League, is subject to the rules found at the link above.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the comments section below and either I or Stephen will answer (possibly Richard, too, as he should be up to speed), or we will direct the question to the appropriate entity to be answered.

I am certain by now you are wondering what exactly these wonderful prizes might include? Well, on top of the awesome entry for participation into the DT contest I ran for the Be the GM 2013 Series, Liga Teoría de Dynamo has the following prizes:

Liga Teoría de Dynamo Shield Prize(the Shield goes to the top points earner)

1 $100 MLS Gear gift certificate

Liga Teoría de Dynamo Cup Prize(the Cups go to the two teams with the best head-to-head records)

1 MLS Match Day Live 2014 Subscription (each Cup winner (there will be two) will receive a MDL 2014 Subscription)

In the event of a tie in the LTDC, total points will determine the winner. If a tie remains after points are taken into consideration, then the winner will be chosen based on other criteria determined to be fair by the Editors of Dynamo Theory.

Ok, so hopefully all of that didn't just confuse you, which let's be honest, it most likely did. Heck, I had enough trouble figuring how it all worked when the league was being worked out. Haha. We are now, technically, heading into the fourth round of forty total rounds. As such, it seems like a great time to introduce a new twice monthly feature here on Dynamo Theory where we recap the happenings and movement in Liga Teoría de Dynamo!

Scoring for LTD began in round 2 with Damaged Goods strutting out to a massive round total of 71 points, but they didn't stop there amassing another 69 points in round 3. For perspective, the average points for round 2 was 40 points, and the average points for round 3 was 49 points. The average is based on only LTD participants total scores, so for Damaged Goods to nab a total of 140 points over two rounds is pretty impressive.

What's more impressive? Their closest competitor, FLOOD DOMINATION, sits at a two win total of 118 points. That 22 point margin could prove vital later down the road when the ultimate winners are determined.

On the flip side, Dancing Bear F.C. put up a futile attempt at rounds 2 and 3 netting them a measly 58 points. When you compare how the Dancing Bear has performed so far this season without a counterpart across from him, it's no surprise to see Dancing Bear F.C. struggle so much.

The good news is we are only two rounds in, and there are another 36 rounds to go. It is still anyone's game.

Liga Teoría de Dynamo Top 10 (W-L-D)

  1. Damaged Goods - 2-0-0 - 140 points
  2. FLOOD DOMINATION - 2-0-0 - 118 points
  3. Dynamic Texans - 2-0-0 - 116 points
  4. DynamicFc - 2-0-0 - 104 points
  5. n00bius - 2-0-0 - 99 points
  6. Little Ball of Hate - 2-0-0 - 96 points
  7. Beardtastic - 2-0-0 - 95 points
  8. El Naranja - 2-0-0 - 91 points
  9. Super Strikers - 2-0-0 - 90 points
  10. Houston Longhorns - 1-0-1 - 96 points

Good luck to all participants in round 4!