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Dynamo vs Toronto FC: Player Ratings

The Houston Dynamo equalized late for a 1-1 draw against Toronto FC despite being down a man. Late game heroics by Warren Creavalle earned the hard fought road point, and strong performances by the defense kept Toronto from scoring more than 1 goal. Here are your Dynamo Player Ratings:

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Dynamo Player Ratings:

Tally Hall, MotM (8) - Tally Hall defended the net against 16 attempts on goal. Hall was composed, vocal, and kept the defense aware of what was around them. The lone goal that leaked through was placed with such precision that Hall had no way of getting to it. Hall made the kind of saves against that kept the Dynamo in the game and helped them earn a point in a place that the Dynamo have not found much success in. Oh, and the post provided some cover as well - again.

Kofi Sarkodie (6.5) - The defense overall was very good at absorbing a lot of dangerous counters, long balls, and containing Robert Earnshaw. Sarkodie's passing game continues to improve. His aerial game is also improving, as he won more than a few headers that TFC was lobbing in.

Bobby Boswell (7) - Boswell anchored the Dynamo backline and helped keep a dangerous Toronto offense from breaking through more than once. Boswell won 50-50 balls stopping some counters, won headers, and provided stability at the back.

Jermaine Taylor (6) - Was it a red? The Jamaican was playing well at the back winning headers and providing defensive cover for the Dynamo, until he got locked into a footrace with Robert Earnshaw who went down after Taylor made contact with him. This changed the Dynamo, and should have changed TFC tactically. Fans can debate about the call, but the center official saw it and judged it red and it will probably stand.

Corey Ashe (7) - Ashe was tearing up plays with his speed. He blocked numerous shots, and even made one incredible highlight reel tackle before halftime. He intercepted passes, and distributed the ball well from the back.

Brad Davis (6) - Davis was limited to only 45 minutes due to a minor injury. He provided some dangerous chances early, but had to spend a lot of his time on the defensive side of the ball.

Adam Moffat (6) - Moffat went off just before halftime with an injury, but played very well. His central midfield partner, Ricardo Clark, wasn't playing as far forward as he has in the past and this helped Moffat shut the center of the field down. Most of the offense TFC ran came through long balls over the top, and counters through the wings.

Ricardo Clark (7) - Clark was the man of the match for the first half. He made key tackles in the center of the field, and was the closest Dynamo player to scoring before Warren Creavalle's late game heroics. Clark was re-familiarized with his usual Defensive Center Midfield position after Davis went off with his injury and Luiz Camargo came on and he played it well. He defended deep, made tackles, and disrupted some of TFC's ball movement.

Andrew Driver (7.5) - Driver filled in again for Oscar Boniek Garcia at the Right Midfield position and for the first half he moved well getting into the offense, running at defenders with his deceptive speed, and played well on the defensive side of the ball. The second half, Driver slotted over to the Left Midfield spot due to Brad Davis's injury, and he did well there. He embodies the "don't quit" attitude that helped us secure a point at BMO Field.

Giles Barnes (6)
- The Englishman had a very quiet day. He was active early, but was forced into helping the defense. Whether it was a lack of service, or energy due to frigid temperatures, Barnes was not his usual animated, aggressive self.

Will Bruin (6) - Don't feed the bear must have been on the Dynamo's minds, because Bruin did not have much service. Bruin had to fight for every ball that he got, but in the end he disappeared and, like Barnes, had to put more time into defensive efforts.

The Subs:

Warren Creavalle (7)
- Free Warren! Creavalle came on for Adam Moffat just before the first half ended and started in the DCM role Moffat was playing, but was moved out to RM after Davis's injury before the start of the second half. Creavalle's late game goal was crucial, and for many Dynamo fans, justice. The way the Dynamo played towards the end of the game, a goal seemed likely, though Warren decided to wait until the last minute of stoppage time to leave his impact on the game. Boswell picking him up after the goal was priceless.

Luiz Camargo (5.5)
- Camargo came on for Brad Davis at the start of the second half, and with that came a huge midfield change that left Camargo in the CAM slot and Ricardo Clark at the DCM slot. Camargo never got the chance to be the creator that he once was, but he did show moments of flash, nice little one-two passes mostly. Camargo, like everyone had to spend time defending, which is no longer one of Camargo's stronger suits, and he ended up fouling too many times for comfort.

Eric Brunner (6.5) - Eric Brunner came on for Giles Barnes after Jermaine Taylor was red carded. Brunner did well to adjust to the tempo of being down a man, and partnered very well with Bobby Boswell.

Dominic Kinnear (6.5)
- All things considered, this was a very good game by the Dynamo. Kinnear adjusted to two key players being injured very well, and showed his defense can absorb a lot of abuse. His never quit fighting style of play, led to a great result considering his team went down a man with a half hour of play left. However, our road problems continue, and the Dynamo have still only won in Canada once. Some things need to start clicking faster outside of our BBVA Compass Fortress (Stadium).