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Dynamo vs Colorado Rapids Player Ratings

The Houston Dynamo equalized on a Giles Barnes golazo to keep the home streak alive. Colorado attacked, Dynamo defended, and the officiating is a hot topic. Here are your Houston Dynamo player ratings:


Houston Dynamo Player Ratings:

Tally Hall (7.5) - Tally Hall made numerous saves against a Colorado Rapids side that seemed destined to end the BBVA Compass unbeaten streak for the Dynamo. He was confident, composed, and vocal to his defenders. The only goal against him can't be entirely faulted to him - even though he watched it go in. He also watched Drew Moor beat out Bobby Boswell and Giles Barnes for a header. Overall, his saves kept the Dynamo in the game and the goal against them can't be something to dwell on for Dynamo fans.

Kofi Sarkodie (7) - HRH's header against Danny Mwanga in the 38th minute was just one of Sarkodie's brilliant moments of the game. He helped close down passing lanes, made uncharacteristically good headers, and contributed on the offensive side of the ball as well.

Bobby Boswell (6) - While the biggest blunder of Boswell's game will be losing his marker, Drew Moor, which led to the opening goal; Boswell was still the stalwart defender he always has been. He constantly dispossessed opponents with smart play, and kept the defensive line in communication with each other. He also didn't lose too much of a cool after a few bouts with Atiba Harris including a head-butt by Harris and threats to meet in the tunnel. Boswell was the better man in all of the instances.

Eric Brunner (6) - Brunner once again proved he was capable of filling in for the suspended Jermaine Taylor. While Brunner looked very shaky at first, especially evident in his touches early going - as seen in his poor pass to Tally Hall early, he quickly regained his swagger and defended ably.

Corey Ashe (6) - Ashe had a very average game for himself which is usually quite good. He cut out passes, made risky tackles with his speed that helped the Dynamo, and contributed to the offensive side of things. Of all things Ashe has done to his game, considering he was a midfielder, his offensive side on the ball needs to grow - but that's not just a comment about this game.

Brad Davis (6.5) - Davis early on drifted too far centrally and the midfield seemed out of sync early going due to formation shifts, but Davis still pressed the ball into the attacking third, took shots, and passed well. Defensively he was strong as well. What everyone will talk about from the game is his first yellow and then his straight red. He may have deserved a yellow over the course of a game, but then again, a lot of other players did as well. Stay tuned for my post about officiating.

Ricardo Clark (7) - Ricardo Clark had a stand out game. He was easily the best midfielder - controlling the ball, dispossessing, fighting for headers, and he passed extremely well. His yellow card was vintage Clark as he fought maybe just a little too hard. Clark was back in his natural position as a Defensive Central Midfielder and it is clear that is his best position. His skill covering ground was evident when both Driver and Sarkodie got caught too far up the field in the 31st minute and Clark dispossessed the attack.

Oscar Boniek Garcia (6.5) - It was great seeing Boniek go the entire game. He was his usual self as he pressed the attack with pace, came back to defend, and possessed the ball with an unbelievable amount of skill. He was unused to the Center Attacking Midfield position at first, but he grew into it (which is more or less what the first half of the game was like - growing into the game). His long distance shots pressed a new goal keeper in Clinton Irwin, but they were not to be. His dribbling, passing, pressing, and defensive work helped the Dynamo earn this point though.

Andrew Driver (6.5) - The Englishman was back continuing to press, this time from the right side. Driver's ability to play from either wing has added depth to an incredible degree. Adam Moffat's injury allowed Dominic Kinnear to play a lineup that included Boniek at the CAM position, and Driver out wide. Driver helped force corners, but one can't help but think he needs to continue to acclimate himself to Houston weather which will only be getting worse for him. It's still April after all.

Giles Barnes, MotM, (7.5)
- Giles Barnes gets a bump for simply producing a spectacular goal. Any time you get the time on the ball he did and send the ball into the upper 90 you might expect a bump. He was fairly mediocre all night, producing chances on offense, and not playing his usual spectacular defense (seriously look how Drew Moor gets past him and then Boswell), but he was the factor that helped us continue our streak at home.

Will Bruin (6.5) - The Dancing Bear made plenty of great moves toward goal, including an effort that almost saw the home side earn 3 points, but the woodwork works in mysterious ways. Bruin was effective in his hold up play, but build up in the midfield wasn't effective enough to get the ball to him as often as Bruin would have liked.

The Subs:

Warren Creavalle (6)
- Free Warren - well kind of, Creavalle played a solid role for Andrew Driver on the right doing what he could, but unfortunately Creavalle lacks a lot of the offensive instinct that Driver has -comparatively speaking of course. He came on in the 67th minute for Andrew Driver and helped move the ball through the midfield to the Forwards while providing able defensive work.

Brian Ching (5.5)
- Ching came on for Giles Barnes in the 78th minute and never really made himself a threat. His defensive work helped the Dynamo greatly, but when the Dynamo pressed for a goal the former captain wasn't around. He by no means played poorly, but considering his veteran skill and efforts he could have been more of an impact.

Luiz Camargo (N/A) - Luiz Camargo came on late in the 84th minute for Ricardo Clark, and Camargo never positioned himself to make much of an impact.

Dominic Kinnear (6)
- Not everything can be faulted to a coach especially when there are a myriad of factors working against you like injuries and officiating (scratch that I'll save that for my other post), but really, all things considered, this should have been a win. Yes, we extended our unbeaten streak at home, just barely though and COME ON, this was a beaten up Colorado squad that should have been an easy 3 points considering our depth. [Dom gets a bump because of how awesome Boniek was at CAM which makes me giddy about even more lineup possibilities]

Misc ratings:

The Crossbar (6) - My friend and my enemy...oh how you have kept Dynamo fans in the game and then out of it, as you did this game. The crossbar, once on many twitter fans' and DT game-threaders's radar for DP money betrayed the Dynamo by denying Will Bruin a header which would have given the Dynamo the win.....shame on you. DP money? Not anymore.

Officiating (2.5) - It is generally unwise, and a rule of thumb, to blame officiating for the outcome of a game. This isn't really an exception. It's just poor officiating became the highlight of the match. While Colorado spent the game fouling 16 times to the Dynamo's 7, Colorado was penalized twice with yellows, and the Dynamo saw 3 yellows and a straight red. Now granted, fouls aren't always card worthy and isn't indicative of how play went, but still, after examining the fouls, especially the Brad Davis cards one has to wonder....[author's note: as a Dynamo fan I feel too generous giving any officiating a grade higher than a 0 to anyone that gives Brad Davis a red - this is my attempt at objectivity]