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Match Preview 12: Dynamo vs Revolution

Saturday night, the Houston Dynamo host the New England Revolution, with an eye on getting back on the right track.


A wise man, name unknown, once wrote that "to everything there is a season," a line that is probably now known more from its inclusion in a Pete Seeger song (made famous by The Byrds) than its source: the biblical book of Ecclesiastes. The author goes on to state some of the things that there is a time for: weeping, laughing, mourning, healing, breaking down, building up, and losing. Supporters of the Houston Dynamo will have gone through several of these things following the side's first home loss in nearly two years.

However, as the author states, it is just for a season - only for a short time. Winning is not something mentioned in the verses, but that is something else that there is a season for. And indeed, when it came to home matches, that season had lasted a long time. And you know what? Saturday night, the Dynamo will host the New England Revolution with a chance to watch the seasons change once more.

The Revolution are a familiar foe to Dynamo fans - and many of the memories of matches against them have happy endings. But again, that was a different season. This is now, and the Revs now look nothing like they did when they met the Dynamo in two successive MLS Cup Finals.

They're a young team that has shown fight and promise - even if these qualities haven't always led to a flood of points. Over ten matches, they have just ten points, but only two of those matches have been decided by more than a single goal - and only in their 4-1 loss to the Red Bulls last month did they surrender more than two goals. They've only scored six goals, which is tied for the fewest by any side that doesn't play at RFK Stadium - but unlike the other low scoring sides, they haven't given up many, either. Not only are they one of only three sides that have not yet score ten goals, they're one of five that have yet to give up ten (the Dynamo are not in that number).

Unfortunately for the Dynamo, they are at the moment a team still facing questions about the health of many of their offensive weapons. It has been "a time to heal" for Warren Creavalle, Giles Barnes, Omar Cummings, Tyler Deric and others, and for some, it doesn't look like that will change soon. Barnes and Creavalle have returned to training this week, though whether or not they'll be ready for a full match is still unknown. Barnes was certainly missed last Sunday - though Andrew Driver did do an admirable job filling in, the chemistry between Barnes and Will Bruin had been very strong, and the Dynamo attack didn't look as potent without it.

I've never been one to really offer predictions or try and guess the score of a match, and I won't do so here. The Revs might be near the bottom of the table at the moment, but unlike the other sides down there, they seem to be able to hold their own with most anybody. They don't give up many - five of their nine goals were conceded to New York (who lead the league in goals scored) over two matches. In two matches against the only two other teams that have outscored the Dynamo (Dallas and Portland), they've given up only one other goal.

With that said, goals are possible. This is a Dynamo side that will probably be looking to prove something, and I get the feeling that BBVA Compass will be loud. After all, there is a season for everything, but it doesn't have to last long. Seasons change, and with luck, they'll do so again come Saturday night.