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Dynamo Player Ratings vs SKC

The Dynamo earned a valuable road point in a rematch against the team that became the first MLS side to beat the Dynamo at home. Goals from Brad Davis and Kei Kamara saw the teams even after a hard fought match on both sides. Here are your Houston Dynamo Player Ratings for the match.


Houston Dynamo Player Ratings:

Tally Hall, MotM, (7) - Hall kept the Dynamo in the game by making several acrobatic saves including a full stretched one handed save in the 36th minute denying Graham Zusi and a finger tip flick over the bar save in the 76th minute denying Kei Kamara. Hall was the leader of the defense and cannot be faulted for the goal against him - Kamara made a great shot beating out two defenders.

Kofi Sarkodie (6) - This game was really about offensive momentum and both sides really pushed the defenses and both sides only came away with a goal apiece. Sarkodie looked to shut down a very strong offense led by Bieler and Zusi, and later by Kamara, and was for the most part successful in forcing difficult shots. However there were times that Sarkodie's 1v1 defending was lacking and he was caught out of position a few times, most notably on Kamara's goal.

Eric Brunner (5.5) - Brunner filled in for the suspended Bobby Boswell/the injured Jermaine Taylor, and unfortunately that was the person whom he missed the most. Boswell and Brunner both work very well together, but Brunner was missing the Dynamo veteran to tell him where to be and who to mark. Brunner didn't play poorly by any means; he just didn't have a standout game. He forced tough shots and made important tackles, but also forced Hall to make difficult saves.

Ricardo Clark (6) - Ricardo Clark filled in for the second game in a row at center back as Bobby Boswell and the injured Jermaine Taylor, and the defensive central midfielder had a much improved performance over his previous outing at the position. His marking and tackling was particularly sharper, but Clark was missed in the midfield as the Dynamo struggled to control things from the center of the field.

Corey Ashe (5.5) - Ashe had a fairly strong first half and was able to get Brad Davis the ball and into the attack, but unfortunately for the Dynamo, and the US Men's National Team, the left back had to take an early exit due to injury.

Adam Moffat (6) - Moffat's passing from the back was better this game than it was against New England and he was able to find the wings pretty easily. His tackling was a little off at times, coming in late from time to time, but overall he did what we needed of him. The one thing the Dynamo midfield did not do well was control the middle of the field, likely due to SKC's formation and congestion of that part of the field.

Oscar Boniek Garcia (6.5) - Boniek lined up at the center attacking midfield position with Adam Moffat behind him. Boniek's creative passing and footwork opened up the offensive end for the Dynamo. While Boniek likely could have done with one or two fewer touches from time to time and could have pulled the trigger, this was probably his best outing in the CAM role.

Andrew Driver (6.5) - Driver's speed and work rate continues to be a problem for other teams. Driver was helping out on the defensive end, and then all of a sudden creating an offensive opportunity. Driver is really proving to be the utility player most Dynamo fans hoped he would be, providing depth on the left and right side of the field. Keep driving it - so far he's got the newcomer of the year award in my book.

Brad Davis (7)
- Davis responded to his repealed penalty, which was the correct call, by finding the net during the run of play less than 10 minutes later. His goal was a gorgeous touch beating Nielson near post. Davis was a menace for Kansas swinging the ball and beating opponents on the dribble and put in a solid captain's effort.

Giles Barnes (6) - Barnes's moment of the game was his beautiful backwards header to Bruin that led up to the goal. Barnes created some problems for Kansas, but couldn't find the ball enough to be too much of a threat. He did help feed the bear, Will Bruin, a few good passes which is one reason why Barnes only recorded 1 shot and Bruin had 5.

Will Bruin (6.5) - Will Bruin was very active on the offensive end, and he found plenty of service from Boniek, Barnes, and Davis. Bruin's closest effort came in just the 7th minute as Brad Davis swung in a free kick to Bruin whose header glances just too far to the right of the goal.

The Subs:

Mike Chabala (6) - It was Mike, Chewy, Chabala's first appearance in Dynamo orange since he was traded to Portland, and he was eager to make a strong impression. Chewy came on for the injured Corey Ashe and did his best to fit in. While Chabala's passing was off as he mostly made defensive clearances, he was able to successfully shut down many runs down the left side of the field. Although Chabala was one of the two defenders Kamara beat to find the net (the other being Sarkodie), Chewy had a very positive first outing with the Dynamo.

Warren Creavalle (5.5) - Creavalle came on for Giles Barnes in the 81st minute and had an unusually quite game. He didn't press forward too often and didn't see very much of the ball at all as he was limited to mostly defensive work.

Jason Johnson (6) - How great would it have been if JJ scored the winner in stoppage time? This is Johnson's 2nd time that he has ALMOST found the goal, which makes us think that his first league goal has to be coming soon. Johnson replaced Brad Davis in the 87th minute and stretched the SKC defenses with his speed. His near goal was just one, okay maybe three touches, too many, but Johnson earned valuable playing time against one of the toughest opponents and defenses at one of the toughest places to play.

Dominic Kinnear (6.5)
-Kinnear kept the same basic formation that he did against New England after Taylor's injury and Boswell's sending off, which seemed to pay off. Despite Kansas having the possession and shot advantage, the Dynamo defense held tight, and the offense seemed to be clicking for the most part. A road point at Kansas City is nothing to scoff at, and this was a very good performance by a team plagued by injuries and one unfortunately timed suspension.