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Dynamo Tie Columbus Crew, Lose Players to Injury

Tying on the road is usually a welcome result, but it may have cost the Dynamo a lot as the injuries piled up.

Best screen capping join ever as Bruin attempts to talk to Higuain
Best screen capping join ever as Bruin attempts to talk to Higuain
c. neal lacroix

Injuries quickly reared their ugly heads in the first half. The first victim was Eric Brunner went out after he collided with Oduro of the Crew while going up for a header and Anthony Arena came on in his place. Brunner's injury left the Dynamo down three CB's as Jermaine Taylor was already out injured and Bobby Boswell was out serving his suspension. Second injury victim was Adam Moffat who went off with a right leg injury and Luiz Camargo came on in his place. Then came our second half injuries. Andrew Driver had a right knee injury but was able to finish out the game while Giles Barnes went down with a left ankle injury and had to be subbed off. Next weeks injury report may look like copy of 'War and Peace'.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom. The Dynamo rookies did well as Jason Johnson got his first start for the Dynamo and Anthony Arena was subbed in for his first game. The Crew came out strong putting the Dynamo on their heels, but the Dynamo found their feet and got on the scoreboard. Kofi Sarkodie hit a beautiful ball to Warren Creavalle who go his foot up high hitting the ball into the net.

The Dynamo held the lead going into the half.

Dominic Oduro was dangerous down the left flank getting around the defense on multiple occasions but luckily his shooting hasn't improved since his time with the Dynamo and he was unable to make anything out of his shots. In the 68th minutes Andrew Driver was called for a foul on Barson, a questionable foul that on replay appeared to show no contact between the two. Higuain stepped up to take the penalty and was able to get it just over Tally Hall as he dove to save it. This brought the Crew level with the Dynamo and the result would hold to the final whistle.

This was the fourth straight tie between the two teams.