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If you're surprised the Dynamo crashed out of the Open Cup, you really shouldn't be

The Dynamo's Open Cup exit last night against FC Dallas isn't a big deal and proves that Dominic Kinnear's priorities are, and continue to be, in the right place.


Getting knocked out of the US Open Cup is not a big deal in the big scheme of things. Getting knocked out of the US Open Cup by FC Dallas stings a little because it's Frisco and nobody enjoy losing to them. None the less, it's not a big deal.

Dominic Kinnear knows this is a fact and it's not like it's a shocking surprise that he didn't prioritize the Open Cup with the Dynamo dealing with injuries and international absences. Why stress your roster even more for a tournament whose only appeal is a guaranteed spot in the CONCACAF Champions League? Getting into that tournament is a big deal because of the marketing potential and more importantly, because it exposes the Dynamo to players from around the region.

More importantly, the Open Cup is really just a giant, annoying expense for most teams that simply adds more travel or hosting costs to the bottom line for games that are barely attended, never televised and barely promoted by anyone beyond bloggers and an extremely hard working and well done website.

Kinnear knows what's important and he certainly didn't set out to loose last night, but he also knows there are other roads to the CCL. To be completely honest, this team has bigger goals like competing for an MLS Cup and making sure they qualify for the current CCL's knockout round when the group stage gets underway later in the summer.

I'm fine with prioritizing those goals over the Open Cup because while there's a certain charm to the tournament thanks to lower division teams pulling off upsets, it's not important. You simply cannot be successful on three different fronts in MLS with the salary cap, somewhat limited rosters and the fact that the league still clashes with international breaks (though they're getting a little better about that). You've gotta pick your battles and there are bigger battles ahead.

More importantly, how can you ask MLS teams to get really worked up over the Open Cup with the organization that puts the damn thing on barely realizes it exist?

No doubt some will disagree with me on my general disdain for the Open Cup or claim this is simply sour grapes because the Dynamo lost to Frisco. It's not...really. They put out a stronger lineup and wanted to continue, the Dynamo have bigger fish to fry and a weakened roster at the moment. Plus the Dynamo worked hard in the second half and gave it a go, but they just weren't the better team on the night.

If the Dynamo made a run in the tournament and even won it, of course I'd be pleased. It's a trophy and those are always fun to win, but t's not the end of the world. The book is closed and I can stop caring about it for another year despite the endless stream of people on social media trying to tell me how great the USOC is.

I'll leave you with this summation of the Open Cup:

Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.