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Breaking down the Dynamo's loss against the Montreal Impact

The Dynamo looked bad last night against the Montreal Impact and I've done my best to figure out what happened.


I had roughly one eye on the Dynamo's loss last night against the Montreal Impact as I might have been distracted by Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Anyway, I went back today and watched the highlights and I've spent the afternoon trying to put together an explanation for what happened to cause Houston to get their butts kicked so badly.

I looked at the tactics, I looked at the goals and all the missed opportunities and I think I've managed to come up with a few explanations for the performance. I went over everything again and narrowed things down -- in the interest of time -- to the most logicial explanation for what we witnessed in Montreal.

Ready? Here we go.

There is some kind of energy zapping force field surrounding "America's Gat" that causes the Dynamo to be unable to play well in Canada.


I've got nothing.