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Dynamo Charities and Texian Army set to honor Houston Fire Department

Dynamo set to honor fallen firefighters during their June 22 match against Toronto FC while Dynamo Charities and supporters groups look to help raise money for those affected by the recent tragedy.

The Houston Dynamo and Dynamo Charities have come together to help pay tribute to member of the Houston Fire Department who were killed May 31 as well as raise money for the 100 Club Survivors Fund. The massive motel fire on May 31 killed four members of Houston's Fire Department and was responsible for the deadliest day in HFD history. There were also 13 HFD members who were injured in the fire. Ordinary Orange Fan wrote earlier this week about players from the Dynamo visiting HFD and what the outpouring of support has meant to the fire fighters.

As part of that support the team will be holding a moment of silence before the game against TFC and players will have commemorative patches on their uniforms. The team has also put together a special package for the game with the proceeds going to benefit the 100 Club Survivors Fund. For $25 you get a ticket to the game, a commemorative t-shirt and get a post-game meet and greet with goalkeeper Tally Hall. For season ticket holders wanting to participate they can purchase the package and donate the ticket to a HFD firefighter while keeping the t-shirt and going to the meet and greet with Hall.

Dynamo Charities also has a silent auction going on-Honoring Houston's Hero's. The auction features 12 game worn autographed Dynamo jerseys. The jerseys will have the commemorative patch honoring the fire department on them in addition to being full of Dynamo awesomeness. Brad Davis, Giles Barnes and Tally Hall are just a few of the players participating. The auction has already started and will last until June 28th at 12pm CT.

They aren't the only ones getting involved Texian Army is organizing another bake sale to help raise funds for the 100 Club as well. They will be in Lot C of BBVAC Stadium from 4:30pm till 7:30pm selling all kinds of baked goods. They will also be taking donations via paypal for those who want to donate but may not be able to come by the tailgate. They previously raised over $1500 for the Abbott fire department who lost members in the West, TX explosion. TA put together that sale in just five days but this time they have more time to get behind it and are hoping to raise even more for HFD.

So go buy a couple of special ticket packages and make sure you stop by the tailgate for some goodies before going into the stadium to watch the Dynamo do what they do best and that's dominate at home. Oh and make sure you win the silent auction for that signed jersey you have always wanted from your favorite player.