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Relive the 2006 Houston Dynamo championship run on MLS Insider

In case you missed this special, watch it here on Dynamo Theory and enjoy a blast from the past as MLS Insider features the 2006 MLS Champion Houston Dynamo.

Just in case our readers weren't aware, the Houston Dynamo recently got some love from MLS Insider. The show airs Friday's on NBC Sports Network and is viewable on and YouTube.

In the second installment of the new show, the 2006 championship run by the newly relocated Houston Dynamo was featured.

Enjoy the show - a great quality piece on one of the most memorable sports moments in Houston history.

The description of this episode is as follows:

Houston Dynamo | MLS Insider, Episode 2

In 2006 the San Jose Earthquakes relocated to Houston to become the Dynamo. When Houston's newest team reached the 2006 MLS Cup, supporters rallied together to make the journey to Dallas.