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Houston Dynamo vs Chicago Fire Player Ratings

The Dynamo earned a 1-1 draw against the Chicago Fire with the goals coming just minutes apart. Strong play from Hall and wide play stood out in this match. Here are your Dynamo player ratings for the match.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Dynamo Player Ratings:

Tally Hall (7) - Tally Hall put in a great effort notching 5 saves including a difficult aerobatic save against Chris Rolfe in the 76th minute. Hall commanded his line pretty well against a physical and well rounded Chicago offense. He can't be too faulted on the goal, aside from communicating about Magee's drifting inside and of course Ashe was the one that lost the ball.

Kofi Sarkodie (6) - HRH did well to move the ball up the field to Boniek Garcia, but had some trouble containing Joel Lindpere early on.

Jermaine Taylor (5.5) - Taylor was back in at center back after filling in for Ashe at left back, and he played pretty well. Not great because he had his hands full with Rolfe and Magee, but he was caught out of position on the goal.

Bobby Boswell (6) - Boswell's "offside" goal really should have stood in my opinion, but his work as an anchor in the back helped contain and neutralize a very threatening Chicago attacking side. The Boz was also not afraid to get physical in a fairly physical match.

Corey Ashe (6) - Ashe struggled to get forward for stretches of the game, but when he did it mattered as he got the ball to Davis who found Weaver for the opening goal of the match. Nyarko vs Ashe was also talked about as the matchup that could decide the game and in a play Ashe lost the ball to Nyarko who found Magee for the 2nd goal of the match - deciding that the game should be a draw.

Ricardo Clark (6) - Clark struggled to get the attack involved, and often had to backtrack in order to cover for Moffat. Clark's replacement, Creavalle found much more success moving the ball out wide. Clark's defensive presence was good, but he wasn't much of an offensive threat.

Adam Moffat (5) - Moffat had a relatively poor showing, as he missed tackles, gave the ball away too often, and couldn't control the center of the field. He did have one great pass to Corey Ashe that set up the Dynamo's only goal.

Oscar Boniek Garcia (6.5) - Boniek was his usual spark-like self that helped the offense have punch. His dribbling was fantastic as was his passing both represented in the lead up to our goal.

Andrew Driver (-) - Driver left the match in just the 15th minute due to injury. Get well soon Driver!

Giles Barnes (6)
- Barnes really does not look comfortable at the Forward spot anymore. Barnes tended to drift inside to the middle and when he did he looked much more confident and much better overall.

Cam Weaver (6.5) - Weaver had the most chances on goal over any other player on the field and looked much better than his last showing. His goal was a simple tap in, but his reaction said it all - let's hope his draught is over and he starts raining in more goals.

The Subs:

Brad Davis, MotM, (7.5)
- Davis came on for Driver early and played a great game. He was everywhere creating chances, beating opponents on the dribble, making great passes, allowing Ashe to overlap, and getting back on defense. He notched an assist and did well to create plenty of problems for Chicago.

Warren Creavalle (6.5)
- Creavalle came on for Ricardo Clark just before the 70th minute and really pushed the offense. He read the central field well intercepting passes, and made very good passes to players making a run at goal.

Jason Johnson (5.5) JJ came on for Weaver in the 79th minute and his legs looked a little wobbly/nervous. He didn't see too much of the ball, but he managed to fire a ball after a great lead up right at the keeper.

Coach Dominic Kinnear (6)
- The Dom didn't intend to use Davis for as long as he did, but seeing Davis and Boniek on the field together was something positive to take away from the game. A forward scored for the first time since May 8th which was also good news. The bad news is another defensive fluke took away needed points at home and finishing continues to be a pressing issue. Our players take too long in front of goal waiting for the "perfect" moment to shoot - or at least it seems that way, and nothing comes of it. Some good, some bad overall, but this result weighs a bit more in my mind than the usual draw.

Misc. Rating - Ricardo Salazar (2) - Flop of the Match! He really let things get too physical and consecutive obvious fouls against Brad Davis stand out how he let this game go. Davis could have been hurt which, if he had, I would not forgive Sally. Then there is the disallowed goal because Boswell was offside which turns out to be suspect. Magee's goal, which was onside, was closer to being off than Boz's. He just couldn't control this game.