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Three Questions with Sounder at Heart

This week, I sat down with Dave Clark of Sounder at Heart and asked him three questions relating to the Seattle Sounders. These are his answers.

It is kind of hard to tell, but that is ex-Houston Dynamo turned Seattle Sounder, Patrick Ianni
It is kind of hard to tell, but that is ex-Houston Dynamo turned Seattle Sounder, Patrick Ianni
Mike Terry
1 - What Sounders players not at forward should we most pay attention to on Saturday?

Due to injuries, national team call ups and suspension, who ever plays at left mid. That could be scoring threat Lamar Neagle or converting left back Marc Burch. If it is Burch that should result in a slightly more defensive posture, a slow to fire cross and left footed set-play service that can threaten. With Neagle you have a player who should be Home Grown, but isn't. He's prone to going one-on-one and shooting through heavy traffic. Lamar has five goals and 3 assists on the season.

2 - I'm actually glad Seattle landed Deuce, as really his primary other option was LA Galaxy. With that said, I don't really remember and I'm sure Seattle fans such as yourself can help me remember, but when was the last time the Sounders won a MLS Cup?

While it is true that the Sounders have not won an MLS Cup, that would ignore the 39 year history of an organization that has 10 major trophies including the only MLS team to win three straight US Open Cups. All of that without stealing a team from another city.

3 - Speaking of MLS Cup, the Sounders are currently sitting outside of the playoffs. It appears the biggest problem facing the team is away games and finding a way to win them. As a Sounders fan, how would you address this problem, and do you foresee this changing in Houston?

I think that 'problem' is only due to one blow-out by the LA Galaxy and struggles against RSL. Dropping just the single four-nil drubbing by LA results in a -2 Road Goal Differential. Dropping those three matches puts the club at 4-3-1 +1 away from CenturyLink. While Seattle will have to beat at least one of those teams on the road in the Playoffs there is little reason for the rest of the West to think that the Sounders are an easy club away from the Sound.

Starting XI

Gspurning; Gonzalez, Traore, Ianni, Yedlin; Burch, Alonso, Carrasco, Rosales; Neagle, Dempsey

I will admit I maybe went a tad bit snarky with my last two questions, but when your fanbase has as many hipsters as actual fans...well, the snark is obviously warranted.

The game kicks off at roughly 8PM Central time live from BBVA Compass Stadium here in lovely Houston, Texas.

If you want to see Dave's questions and my answers as well as Starting XI and my scoreline prediction, head over to Sounder at Heart.