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Supporting our own: David Wells

The one thing I have learned about the Dynamo fans is we are a community, through everything - both in the good and in the bad. When the need arises for us to support our own, we do not disappoint.

Megan Flora

Many game day regulars may have noticed that the supporters section has been short a familiar face recently. David Wells, one of the leaders of Brickwall Firm, was recently involved in a serious accident while out of town. He has been sedated in the ICU but has been making improvement. He has finally been weaned off sedation and has a tentative timeline to return home next week. As well all know medical care is astronomical these days and so Dynamo supporters are coming together to raise funds for  "Dave's Road Back to Houston".

When something happens to one of us we all come together. David is one of the sweetest guys I know, was one of the first guys to reach his hand out when I became involved in the Dynamo and once treated me to drinks at HOB (where he worked) when I dropped off Dynamo tickets to him. - Megan Flora

Donations to help Dave can be made through Joe Garza's paypal account mexskinoi at yahoo dot com.

Any amount big or small is a big help. It's not about who is in what supporter group or if you are in one or not, but about the chance to help out a member of the Dynamo community.