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Dynamo vs Sounders Player Ratings

Houston claimed 3 points at home which featured Will Bruin finding the net as well as Giles Barnes who scored twice in fashion. Strong performances from the midfield and forwards highlight this game. Here are your player ratings for the match.

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Houston Dynamo Player Ratings:

Tally Hall (6) - Made a few very good saves against a Seattle side that worked through the center of the field very well and created opportunities. Overall, held his line in check and was seldom caught out of position. On the goal, Hall was caught a bit off guard, but Shalrie Joseph was not marked by Boswell.

Kofi Sarkodie (6) - While Sarkodie's 1v1 defending hasn't been as sharp as it has earlier in the season, his ability to move up the right side looks better and better. Simply put though, he's better at this when Boniek is on the field.

Jermaine Taylor (5.5) - Taylor's offside goal was the correct call by a mile, but other than that Taylor allowed Dempsey and Neagle to continue to create chances for Seattle. He was strongest on aerial challenges, but was caught out of position from time to time.

Bobby Boswell (5.5) - Boswell should have marked Joseph better to ensure the clean sheet, but the central defense had more troubles containing quick 1-2 passes between Neagle, Dempsey, and Joseph (his passes in particular were very effective at splitting defenders).

Corey Ashe (6) - Ashe really held down the left side of the field defensively and he was pretty good at getting the ball up to Davis or to Moffat in the center. Ashe could have gotten further up the field a bit more.

Ricardo Clark (6.5) - Clark controlled the center of the field and really disrupted communication between Osvaldo Alonso and Shalrie Joseph. After he left the field early into the second half Alonso and especially Joseph looked much better and allowed Seattle to nearly get back in the game.

Adam Moffat (6) - Moffat played exceptionally well while Clark was on the field, and after continued to hold things down even though Creavalle and he didn't complement each other nearly as well as Clark. Moffat's passing game also looked much improved as he completed more passes than any other player - followed closely by Boniek.

Oscar Boniek Garcia (6.5) - When Boniek starts we tend to win games - especially at home. Boniek was very active on the ball and on the defensive end. He showed his usual flair with his dribbling, ability to take on defenders, and his superb passing/crossing.

Brad Davis (7) - Davis notched himself two more assists first by giving the ball to Barnes before his laser of a shot, and the second by heading the ball to Bruin before Bruin scored a classic striker's goal. Davis also nearly found the net in the 30th minute after he collected a blocked shot taken by Barnes.

Giles Barnes, MotM, (7.5)
- Barnes is back! Barnes scored two very important and very well taken goals. His first was after Will Bruin somehow kept the ball and found it to Barnes who found the upper corner. Barnes's second goal was even more impressive as he found the corner of the net from about 35 yards out - definitely a stunner. Though Barnes did revert to his sort of quiet self that we've seen when he and Bruin aren't on the same page, Barnes's two great goals and hustle early on make him the man of the match. Oh and please vote for his goal for goal of the week.

Will Bruin (6.5) - Bruin earned an assist and a goal in a fairly solid outing. His assist was a little bizarre as he somehow kept the ball which looked stuck to his foot, but he made an excellent pass to Barnes. His own goal was a testament to never giving up on chances and you can find the net - a very well taken goal too I should add. Bruin did have his struggles though, as he had more than his fair share of poor touches, and he was in "stranded on the island" mode from time to time too. Still, it's good to see our Dancing Bear find the net.

The Subs:

Warren Creavalle (6)
- Creavalle came on for Clark early in the second half who said he wasn't feeling well. Creavalle struggled at times to contain Joseph and Alonso, but was able to get Boniek involved in the attack as well as get involved himself.

Cam Weaver (5.5) - Weaver came on for Barnes and we got to see the Weaver - Bruin tandem which I personally love. Weaver did a lot of things that he usually does off the ball, and Bruin's performance immediately looked improved. Still his performance on the ball wasn't nearly as strong, and Weaver often tracked back for deep defending due to a Seattle side suddenly trying to make chances.

Andrew Driver (6) - Driver came back from injury and came on for Brad Davis. Driver looked as sharp and fast as ever and looked to become a nuisance for Seattle up and down the field.

Coach Dominic Kinnear (7)
- Kinnear had both of his forwards firing away and taking shots (9 shots overall between Bruin and Barnes - 3 on target) and scoring, his defense held up except for one flub marking against a veteran in Shalrie Joseph, and he earned 3 points at home. Dominic Kinnear now has the tough task of conserving the energy of his players over a tough schedule but he will gain Calen Carr as well as new designated player Alex Lopez which will provide added depth for the team.