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CCL Group Stage: Dynamo v W Connection, the recap

It is the CONCACAF Champions League Group Stage, and the Houston Dynamo will play both Arabe Unido and W Connection. This particular match saw the boys in orange fly down to Trinidad & Tobago for their first away match of the group stage.


I doubt anyone would blame me if the match recap read like so:

"We did nothing right, except for Tally Hall.  Passes didn't connect, shots weren't close, chances weren't created and on at least five occasions our defenders were caught napping.  We didn't deserve to win, and honestly we probably didn't even deserve a point.  We played for the point and were lucky to come away with one."

On the flip side, W Connection should be absolutely devastated.  Multiple easy chances (at least two I can count specifically) either went wide or hit the crossbar.  If any of their chances go in, the Houston Dynamo are most likely on the outside of the group stage with a slim to none chance to advance.

We, of course, fielded a mostly reserve/substitute squad and it showed.  The lack of mental fortitude or concentration led to numerous mistakes and missed chances.  I'm not even sure the team woke up at any point, as even in the final minutes when they could have easily pushed for a goal when W Connection were down to 10 men we were content to pass around the back, which still almost led to a goal by W Connection.

Again, we find ourselves in a non-league competition where our beloved head coach, Dominic Kinnear, has seen fit to half-ass it.  I saw nothing resembling passion from anyone but perhaps Driver and Chinger, maybe Weaver.  Everybody else was just going through the motions or just plain didn't care.  If this team wants to be taken seriously, it is time we start to take these competitions seriously.

If there is one good thing to come from this match, Alex Lopez got his first start.  He didn't look great.  He really didn't even look good.  Since it is his first match with the club, I think we can give him the benefit of the doubt, though.

Final score 0 - 0.

A bloody, flippin' draw.  And even that is being generous to the Dynamo.  Thoughts?