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Weaver Brace Keeps Dynamo CCL Hopes Alive

Dirty play. Time wasting. Bad refereeing. Just another night of CCL play as the Dynamo win 2-1 over Arabe Unido.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Dynamo got off to another slow start against what should have been a weaker opponent but were able to get it together to put together a 2-1 win despite yellow cards, time wasting and excessive use of stretchers.

Bad passing didn't appear to be a thing of the past yet as the team suffered turnover after turnover. Things quickly took a turn for the worse when Mike Chabala was called for pulling on the jersey of Abdiel Arroyo. The penalty kick was taken by Arroyo, who got it past Tally Hall as he jumped back and forth, unsure of which way the ball would go.

The team created several chances, but finishing once again eluded them, giving way to crucial turnovers and dangerous counters. Things seemed to be getting worse as Humberto Ward turned Alex Dixon and smoked the defense as he headed to goal but Tally Hall came out and just barely saved it.

Sent reeling early, the team slowly started to increase their build up play and finally, it paid off. In the 22nd minute Corey Ashe served in a cross from the left to Cam Weaver, free at the back post, volleyed it into the back of the net.

The second half started with Boniek Garcia coming on for Alex Dixon and later Brad Davis on for Jason Johnson - moves that proved vital for the Dynamo. Garcia instantly created more possession and tighter passing as the team crossed midfield. The players began to see better set up play and eventually broke through to take the lead.

The second goal had a bit of a trip as it started with great build up from Warren Creavalle that turned into a Davis cross that went to Weaver's head. From Weaver's head, it was redirected to the goal post and into the net, setting the team up with the win. The winning brace ties Weaver with Brian Ching for the teams' most career CCL goals (5).

A physical first half only got worse in the second as DAU hoped to hold on to the tie and do a little more time wasting. Every time you turned around - actually you didn't even have to turn around - a DAU player was down and calling for a stretcher only to be back on the field thirty seconds later. Amazingly after the Dynamo's second goal, no more stretchers were called for.

DAU weren't issued cards for being time wasting floppers but cards were given to the Dynamo players. Lots of them - I lost count at six cards. DAU earned themselves a few cards as well but they appeared to be handed out in lopsided fashion.

But hey, it's CONCACAF, we wouldn't expect any different. I hear the next game is BYOS - bring your own stretcher. For now, though, the Dynamo head into a break from CCL play with the group lead - which is a good place to be.