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More possible Alex Lopez transfer confirmation?

If this page is any indication (and if the Google Translate of the page is accurate), it looks like someone else from Honduras has leaked the official transfer of Alexander Lopez to the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer.

"We gave Alex the opportunity to go abroad, I think it is a boy who has a very big potential in this country will find a lot of support, especially since there is Oscar Garcia, who has been very successful in that team, "explained Rafael Ferrari, president of the institution dawn.

The boss of tetracampeón addressed the issue of other potential exports.

"There posibildades Roger Rojas go to the University of Chile, although the meringues directivode explains:" There is nothing set, but if an opportunity we will give, I think all the players have the possibility Olimpia , we have exported the most players in my era and they have the right to improve, "he added.