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Welcome to the Houston Dynamo, Alexander Lopez

Confirmation came in from none other than Jose de Jesus Ortiz, the beat writer for the Houston Dynamo from the Houston Chronicle via Twitter. He said the deal is done, and the announcement will happen later today.


While it comes as a surprise to nobody, the Houston Dynamo, at least if you trust in the confirmation of Jose de Jesus Ortiz from the Houston Chronicle, will officially announce the transfer of Honduran National Team up and comer (and already a star), Alexander Lopez. Lopez is listed as an Attacking Midfielder who can play centrally our out on the wings. The transfer fee is reported in the sum of $1 million.

Alex Lopez has been a transfer target since last year around this same time when fellow Honduran and National Team regular, Boniek Garcia, petitioned the Houston Dynamo and specifically Head Coach Dominic Kinnear about bringing Lopez into the fold. Rumors swirled in January, and many thought the team would work out a deal at that time, but a deal never materialized and the club returned to the offseason to work on other voids needing to be filled.

Bringing in the Honduran also brings the pain of having to figure out who fits where, and how to open a slot for the youngster. Could we see a much beloved midfielder with still much to prove find himself on his way out? Some fans seem to think it is a likely possibility, and I for one would not be surprised.

No word yet on whether Alexander Lopez will be brought in as a Designated Player, which due to his youth and the midpoint of the season the cap hit would only be $150k as opposed to the usual $300k.

As we get anymore information or confirmations, we will certainly post them in the Story Stream we've been running since the rumor break yesterday by @TotalMLS. If you aren't following him, you should.