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The ownership saga of the Houston Dynamo

At some point, the Houston Dynamo will be sold from current 50% owner, AEG. Until then, this stream has been designed as a place to voice opinions or vent as necessary, and as a place to check-up on the most recent news and rumors related to ownership.

Thomas B. Shea

The Houston Dynamo ownership for the last couple of seasons has felt fragmented, at least to fans.  On the one hand, you have AEG with their fifty percent ownership in the club.  On the other, you have Gabriel Brener and Oscar de la Hoya with their twenty-five percent each.  Three ownership stakes, three bosses.

To the average fan of the team, the way the ownership is structured would surely make it tougher on the Front Office.  There isn't one entity to go to for approvals on transactions, yet this hasn't prevented transactions from happening.  Over the course of the last couple of seasons in particular, there have been repeated calls for more free-spending, but would more spending really benefit the club?

I asked before if the team had been sold to Les Alexander if we would still have Team President Chris Canetti or Head Coach Dominic Kinnear.  Would we still have fan favorites Brad Davis or Brian Ching?  What about Tally Hall?  Free-spending in all its touted glories still has drawbacks.

The point was made by a reader in a different story that if you look at the free-spending clubs historically in England, their staying power isn't all it is cracked up to be.  To allow this discussion, which clearly has wheels of its own, to continue unabated we are creating this Story Stream.

We will be able to post updates, and you can bookmark this exact Story Stream.  We can return to the discussion when warranted, and this allows it not to get lost in the shuffle of everyday transactions and stories.

We hope you will find this useful, and we hope to continue to provide updates on ownership, both in opinion pieces and actual news and rumors, as we can.