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Player ratings: Dynamo v Red Bulls

The Dynamo fell to the New York Red Bulls for the first time at home losing 4-1. The Dynamo played well the first half and went to the locker room level, but second half defensive errors and poor finishing cost the Dynamo to drop 3 points at home.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Dynamo Player Ratings:

Tally Hall, MotM, (6) - Tally Hall managed to make 4 saves and allow 4 goals. The first half he did very well to be in the right position and only allowed a beautiful goal by Eric Alexander. The second half his defense let him down and allowed for two 1v1 situation goals which you can't really fault the keeper on.

Kofi Sarkodie (3.5) - Sarkodie struggled to keep up with Jonny Steele and his passing and pace the second half became one of the biggest reasons the Dynamo went down. Sarkodie struggled to move the ball often, but when he did he usually played in a dangerous cross. It was a tough game for the defense as a whole.

Warren Creavalle (5) - Creavalle played a fantastic first half at CB in which he was able to limit and disrupt chances on goal and distribute the ball well out of the back. After that things got tougher for him and everyone else in the back and he was partially responsible for allowing the "nail on the coffin" goal.

Bobby Boswell (4) - Boswell had moments that kept the Dynamo alive, and he had a very close header towards goal, but he also had moments that allowed for opportunities on our own goal, most notably the game changer goal from Henry's, in which he was split along with Moffat.

Mike Chabala (3.5) - Chabala played a fairly inconsistent game. At times he was in the right spot, is quick enough to track down long balls, and I love his long throw, but he gave up the ball by poor passing, and kept Steele onside, leading to NY's third goal.

Alexander Lopez (6) - Lopez quietly had a great game. He was content to pass the ball quickly so he didn't look all that showy on the field - like his Honduran teammate Boniek who is known for his ability to take players on the dribble, but he kept the ball moving with accuracy. Oh and too bad there isn't an "assist of the week" award because his chip to Jason Johnson was amazing.

Adam Moffat (5.5) - Moffat left the match early into the second half with a hopefully minor injury. In the first half he looked much improved compared to other performances. He intercepted passes, made strong tackles, and actually passed pretty well. The second half, though he only played a short while, was a bit off, which is noticeable when he and Boswell got taken and turned around by Henry for an early second half goal.

Jason Johnson (6.5) - Jason Johnson played his best game in Dynamo orange scoring a first half goal which allowed the Dynamo to equalize and try to compete in the game. His passing really needs some improvement, but his touch and pace both looked impressive.

Giles Barnes (4.5)
- Barnes really was quiet out it seemed. He made a few good runs, but I believe he felt a little lost in the formation. That doesn't mean that he didn't have a few good passes, and he didn't really turn the ball over much, but he wasn't always in a very good position to get the ball.

Will Bruin (4) -Bruin had more than a couple of good and some open looks at goal that he couldn't get to find the net. He made some very good runs here and there, and actually looked like a decent midfielder (at least for the first half), but poor passing and finishing really have some Dynamo fans thinking about the Dynamo's investment in this player.

Cam Weaver (6) - Weaver helped put Bruin into a great position to score a few times, and had his own chances on goal which was mostly limited to headers off set pieces that ended up going just wide. The first half he battled against Olave for chances and the ball, but the second half the midfield struggled to get the ball up the field and into the final third.

The Subs:

Ricardo Clark (6)
- Clark made his comeback after being sidelined by illness. He came in early the second half for Adam Moffat, and immediately pushed the ball up the field and tried a long range effort on goal.

Brian Ownby (5.5)
-Ownby came on for the first time since his excellent loan stint with the Richmond Kickers and he looked like he was up to the task to rejuvenate the offense. Unfortunately a string of poor calls against Ownby, or sometimes fouls that weren't called, he lost some of the swagger that he came on the pitch with and dropped off a bit.

Brian Ching (5) - Brian Ching came back and we had the most forwards on the field I think we've ever had (Ching, Weaver, Johnson, Bruin, and I guess you can count Barnes now right), but still nothing fell because the midfield struggled to possess the ball where it matters. Ching looked good coming back, and I hope we see a bit more of him here and there.

Coach Dominic Kinnear (3)
- Aside from being one of the only person in orange on the pitch (sideline...whatever!) to have enough passion to get himself ejected, which briefly fired up the crowd, he could have had his team come out in the second half a bit stronger. I know he had injuries and call ups to deal with, but Bruin just isn't finishing, the midfield in the second half couldn't get the ball to the forwards often enough, and defensive mistakes again play a huge role in the outcome of the game.