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Friday Night News: Injuries, Infographics, and Instant Sellouts

Among the news tonight are who is on (and off) the injury report, Brad Davis infographics, and, of course, the start of public sales for the Brian Ching testimonial. Read more inside.


It's that time of week again - the injury reports have been released. In this case, it's pretty much as we thought it would be, so without any further ado:

Injury Report Presented by Houston Methodist (As of Thursday, Sept. 26):

OUT: Brian Ownby - Right knee sprain

QUESTIONABLE: Eric Brunner - Right ankle sprain; Calen Carr - Left knee; Andrew Driver - Right calf strain

As I said earlier, it's about what we expected, though I will say that after some of his tweets earlier in the week, I'm pleasantly surprised not to see Cam Weaver's name on that report somewhere.

Never what you want to see (nor is the calf injury a good thing), but apparently, neither injury is enough to land him on the official report for the weekend. Whether or not he plays, of course, is another thing entirely. The turf at Gillette Stadium is probably not the most forgiving of surfaces, so someone possibly nursing a bad calf might not be a viable option - but again, this is simply a guess on my part.


In other news, tickets for the Brian Ching testimonial on 13 December went on sale to the general public this morning, so if you plan on being there, get some soon. I doubt they'll last very long.

Also (so as not to leave out the other half of the Dynamo's dynamic duo), the Dynamo website has put up a neat infographic regarding Brad Davis and his 100 career assists which can be found here.