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Be the GM: Draft Edition 2014

The inevitable return of the Be the GM series starts with Part 1, the Draft Edition. Take over the Houston Dynamo as the MLS SuperDraft approaches, and figure out your best options available.

Could one of these players be the next Houston Dynamo? It's up to you!
Could one of these players be the next Houston Dynamo? It's up to you!
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

As the MLS SuperDraft approaches rather quickly in just 2 days, it felt like the right time to unveil this season's version of the Be the GM series. In the Be the GM series, you are given certain tasks as the fictional General Manager of the Houston Dynamo.

In this Draft Edition, we focus on preparation for the MLS SuperDraft which takes place on Thursday, January 16th. Currently, the Houston Dynamo have the 16th selection in round 1, the 13th selection in round 2, and the 16th selection in round 3.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a plan for the draft. You must answer each of the following questions with explanations behind your reasoning.

In round 1, you have selection number 16. Using the MLS Mock Draft done by SBNation's MLS Blogs (click here), you are on the clock.

Do you select by positional need or do you go after best player available? Why or why not?

In round 2, Dominic Kinnear has requested you consider drafting either a forward or a defender with this selection. If you selected a player at either of those positions already, you must draft the other position. Again, use MLS Mock Draft selections so you know who is available.

In round 3, Steve Ralston has approached you asking you to find a raw talent who possesses the talent and athleticism to become something special. This player will immediately be sent to Pittsburgh Riverhounds on loan and will not be available for call-up until the playoffs.

Based on who is available at the end of round 2, who do you select? You may also pull in a name from the Combine who has not been selected or a name from the college ranks who perhaps was overlooked. The more creative or hidden of a gem, the better.

Once you have answered these questions, you will be prepared for the second part of the Be the GM series. You have until of the day on Friday, January 17th (5PM Central Time).

You must also be prepared to defend your selections in the comments. Be warned, I will make this a challenge for you!

Good luck!