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Dynamo to Pick Twice in Today's Superdraft Rounds

The first two rounds of the SuperDraft are today. The Houston Dynamo have two picks and glaring needs at forward and defender. With Chris Canetti and Dom Kinnear in attendance, it's now a wait to see who will be wearing orange at the end of the day.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time again. After countless mock drafts and endless speculation, the day of the MLS SuperDraft is upon us once more. The Houston Dynamo have the 16th pick in the first round, and the 13th in the second (32nd overall), plus selections to come in Tuesday's rounds. With glaring needs up front and on the back line, mock drafts have come up with many different selections.'s final Mock Draft (January 15):

16: Wojceich Wojcik, forward (Simon Borg); Kevin Cope, defender (Matthew Doyle, Nate Sulat)
32: Mackenzie Pridham, forward (Simon Borg); Kristopher Tyrpak, forward (Matthew Doyle, Nate Sulat)

Borg obviously focuses on the forward need, while Doyle and Sulat address the back line and depth needs. Tyrpak is a name Dynamo fans seem to be after, as the HBU player trained with the Dynamo and is thus a known quantity - though both Doyle and Sulat seem to feel he might be better suited as a midfielder or defender in the league.

Also, Fusion handled the Dynamo's part in the SB Nation mock draft, selecting forward Mamadou Diouf at 16, and Tyrpak at 32. With a number of people slotting Tyrpak at 32, it'll be interesting to see if the Dynamo confirm what many people have been thinking.

The problem, as some have pointed out, is that no matter how much the league touts this class, many look at is as a very weak class, with few league talents available. But with Chris Canetti and Dom Kinnear making the picks, you have to think that if there's talent available, the Dynamo will find it.