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The MLS Salary Cap Explained?

The Major League Soccer salary cap is akin to the Lochness Monster. There are rumors of sightings, but the closest anyone's ever truly come to capturing the beast is grainy recordings. Houston Dynamo President Chris Canetti is providing an opportunity to demystify the mystical.

Chris Canetti on the left. Newsflash: Canetti is pretty stinkin' cool!
Chris Canetti on the left. Newsflash: Canetti is pretty stinkin' cool!
Bob Levey

Earlier today, Chris Canetti, President of Houston Dynamo, tweeted out a possibility for him giving a lecture/discussion group on the mystical MLS Salary Cap. There were no real specifics given, other than he'd want to have a good-sized group (10-15 people), a location and a date/time.

Well, much like you, we were curious so we started tweeting out to our followers. By the end of the work day, we had a solid 7-8 who said they wanted to attend. That's a pretty solid start, if you ask me. So that's what brings us to here.

We need to organize something and show Canetti this type of thing has merit and a place with our fanbase and community. So if you're on the fence about maybe attending, it would be good to make it a priority.

The specifics, date, time and location would be as follows:

Where - Southside Espresso. I haven't confirmed this 100%, but I know the owner and believe he'd be more than happy to assist us with this part of things.

When - I'm aiming for the end of February, to give Chris some time to organize his stuff and for us to confirm all the details.

So here's what we need from ya'll to make this a reality (a first for MLS maybe, even?):

Vote in the poll below. If you vote yes, you are committing to being there. Post in the comments your preferred days of the week and time of day. If you vote no, please share this story so we can garner some coverage. And if you vote maybe, list what criteria you'd need met to move from maybe to yes.

And in advance, thank you all. We hope to make this happen, because seriously, THIS IS COOL!