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Does MLS Need A Richard Sherman?

Major League Soccer is lacking in the department of everyday villains and it's time someone stepped up. Or maybe that would be down.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Okay now before you completely freak out and instantly scroll down to the comments to tell me I am nuts read for a minute. Dream with me even.

NFL fan or not chances are you know who Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is after his post game interview with Erin Andrews this past Sunday. The interview has stirred up all sorts of discussions on race, class and intelligence. What Sherman did was create someone that people can either love or they hate. You either find his comments and actions completely outlandish or you think his spirit and passion for the game are wonderful.

Either way chances are your feelings on him aren't neutral. If you have paid any attention to him in the past then you know this is nothing new for him, having called out Albert Haynesworth of the Redskins last year and Tom Brady of the Patriots. He has worked hard to slowly make himself a villain within the NFL.

But where are MLS' villains?

When David Beckham came over from England the major problem fans had with it was MLS bent the rules for Los Angeles Galaxy to sign him or fans didn't like the past clubs he played for.

As for a current villain? You could say Theirry Henry is hated because he used to play for Arsenal and he won't play on turf here in the States. What a bad dude. Dynamo fans reading this are already screaming at their computer screen, 'Aurelien Collin', but outside of Houston does that hate run as deep?

There is no one identifiable player that you can point to and say he is the bad guy of Major League Soccer.

Instead you get teams. Namely, L.A. Galaxy who everyone hates because the rest of the league feels like they get special rules and if you ask a Galaxy fan it's because they win stuff. Seattle Sounders have gained ground as a hated club since acquiring Clint Dempsey to the rest of the league's jealousy and of course their fans are over caffeinated. Rivalries are built on cities and teams hating each other, but it is hard to identify a single player hated league wide. Don't get me wrong some can be pointed out, but who is the big bad league heel?

What about over the top personalities? I asked Fuzion, 'where is my Dennis Rodman with green hair and a nose ring' and he replied, 'Nick DeLeon'. Touche on the hair Fuzion, but when did Nick run around in a wedding dress or did I miss that? Dennis Rodman was an amazing defensive player in the NBA who was able to back up his off the court antics with his on the court play. MLS now has the players who can back it up on the field, but where are the off field shenanigans?

I don't want or need my players getting into major trouble that lands them in jail, but players with big personalities help leagues. They help bring in eyeballs. Many people may say they don't want bandwagoner fans or TMZ fans, but when enough people watch you will get at least a few who will accidentally fall in love with the league and with the game.

If a league villain wins more fans for the league then don't we as fans want one?