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Andrew Driver Re-signs With Dynamo

One of the key mysteries of this offseason was where midfielder/winger Andrew Driver would end up. It wasn't clear whether or not the Dynamo would be able to keep him , but it urns out they were able to - resigning with the Dynamo Friday morning.

Scott Halleran

You can stop holding your breath - the wait is over. The question of where Andrew Driver would go this winter has been settled: absolutely nowhere. While nobody was sure if the Houston Dynamo would have the money to keep the Scottish midfielder, it was well known that both Driver and the front office wanted to make it work. Still, rumors started flying linking him with various overseas moves - and as the days and weeks passed with no word, it started to look more and more like Driver would not be in Houston come March.

Then, earlier today, Dynamo president Chris Canetti tweeted this:

Suddenly, everything was falling into place. For all the fears and worries about salary, Canetti and the rest of the Dynamo pulled off what I consider to be a coup - the return of Andrew Driver to Dynamo orange.

Say what you will about the Dynamo's surplus of midfielders (and it does exist), depth is always good, and a player like Andrew Driver is one that the Dynamo should want to have, even if it's only off the bench. In 26 appearances (including 20 starts), he notched three goals and an assist before appearing in all five playoff matches. His speed and skills on the ball make him a threat, and even if he doesn't start, I can see him contributing off the bench. Besides, with Boniek and probably Davis gone for the World Cup, the midfield depth will be key in any run that the Dynamo want to put together.

All in all, it's a satisfying answer to a question most Dynamo fans had after the season ended. Per league and team policy, the terms were not disclosed - but the important thing here is that whatever the terms may be, Driver is in orange for 2014. There's still more pieces to uncover before the puzzle of the roster is complete, but this clears up a big chunk of it.