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Merritt Paulson tweets out popular player likely leaving Thorns FC

Portland Thorns fans may not want to hear it, but Paulson's tweet basically makes it easy to figure out. Dash may very well end up getting their woman. But who?

Steve Dykes

As part of the Twitter frenzy over the NWSL Expansion Draft, this gem from Merritt Paulson, Owner of Portland Thorns FC (and the Portland Timbers of MLS):

So we can ascertain three things from that.

1) The player leaving is a fan favorite. These are Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, LeBlanc.

2) Rachel Buehler isn't being selected in expansion draft.

3) There will be other moves later following expansion draft to land player from number 1.

My conclusion? This is going to be none other than Alex Morgan. You heard it from me first, it's going to happen!

Also, keep in mind, Morgan is highly coveted by Houston Dash front office, and hey, her fiancee plays for Houston Dynamo. What a perfect match that would be!