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MLS Mock Draft: Dynamo select Kristopher Tyrpak with No. 32 pick

The forward from Houston Baptist University has some aerial ability that would be quite useful.

Photo by James Goulden

The Houston Dynamo have a need for forwards, but that isn't specifically why I selected Kristopher Tyrpak here. One of the biggest changes for the club from previous seasons was a significant lack of set piece goals. Considered by many pundits in prior seasons to be one of the most prolific set piece teams, the Houston Dynamo were in the bottom half of the league in set piece goals.

Kristopher Tyrpak is a decent-sized forward with significant aerial ability on set pieces. He is also solid at marking players when defending set pieces, too. He isn't going to light up the league with goals, but he is a perfectly built super sub in the build of one Cam Weaver, physical, scrappy and a closer of sorts.

Tyrpak may not be someone you would expect to utilize for the entirety of a match. He just isn't that type of player, but he is a good bet to help you finish out games when you need a forward to either help hold up the ball or to help you draw fouls to create set piece opportunities.

What Houston will be looking for in the draft: Defenders and Forwards are two positions the Dynamo severely need help, and both will be readily available. The question is really which Dominic Kinnear feels he needs the most, or feels he can find through other means (transfer or trade).

Who the experts say Houston will pick: Kristopher Tyrpak (Soccer by Ives) and AJ Corrado (Top Drawer Soccer). Corrado is a midfielder/winger who thrives on the right flank.

Why I'm invariably wrong: This one is easy, Dominic Kinnear loves his Jamaican players and I would be astonished if he didn't have one he'd like to draft here.

Why I'm smarter than the pundits: Sometimes the pundits and I actually agree, like SBI and myself agreeing on the Kristopher Tyrpak pick. Probably the biggest thought why this might happen is because of Tyrpak's time playing for Austin Aztex, who are coached by ex-Dynamo and Kinnear friend, Paul Daghlish.

Full Mock Draft results (click on player names to see the profiles)

First Round

Team Blog Pick
1. D.C. United Black and Red United Patrick Mullins
2. Philadelphia Union Brotherly Game Steve Neumann
3. Vancouver Whitecaps 86 Forever Andre Blake
4. Columbus Crew Massive Report Steve Birnbaum
5. FC Dallas Big D Soccer Christian Dean
6. Union Brotherly Game Marlon Hairston
7. Whitecaps 86 Forever Damion Lowe
8. Chicago Fire Hot Time In Old Town Grant Van De Casteele
9. San Jose Earthquakes Quake, Rattle and Goal Eric Miller
10. Montreal Impact Mount Royal Soccer A.J Corrado
11. Colorado Rapids Burgundy Wave Schillo Tshuma
12. New England Revolution The Bent Musket JJ Koval
13. Seattle Sounders Sounder at Heart Aodhan Quinn
14. LA Galaxy LAG Confidential Fifi Baiden
15. Toronto FC Waking the Red AJ Cochran
16. Houston Dynamo Dynamo Theory Mamadou Diouf
17. Portland Timbers Stumptown Footy Reinaldo Brenes
18. Real Salt Lake RSL Soapbox Ben Sweat
19. Revolution The Bent Musket Marco Franco

Second Round

Team Blog Pick
20. Chivas USA The Goat Parade Enrique Cardenas
21. Sounders Sounder at Heart Taylor Peay
22. New York Red Bulls Once a Metro Pete Caringi
23. Crew Massive Report Pedro Ribeiro
24. Toronto FC Waking the Red Joey Dillon
25. Union Brotherly Game Jared Watts
26. Timbers Stumptown Footy Kevin Cope
27. Union Brotherly Game Kyle Venter
28. Earthquakes Quake, Rattle and Goal Mackenzie Pridham
29. Impact Mout Royal Soccer Jimmy Ockford
30. Whitecaps 86 Forever Nikita Kotlov
31. Revolution The Bent Musket Victor Chavez
32. Dynamo Dynamo Theory Kristopher Tyrpak
33. Rapids Burgundy Wave Rafael Diaz
34. Red bulls Once a Metro Alex Martinez
35. Rapids Burgundy Wave Zach Bolden
36. Timbers Stumptown Footy Mark Sherrod
37. Impact Mout Royal Soccer Michael Calderon
38. Sporting Kansas City The Daily Wiz

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