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FIFA Declares WWC 2015 Will Be Played On Turf

“We play on artificial turf and there’s no Plan B.”

Jeff Vinnick

With independent surveyors currently evaluating the playing fields in Canada and a lawsuit pending, FIFA's Deputy Director of the Competitions Division Tatjanna Haenni, who also serves as the Head of Women's Competitions, made a statement Tuesday addressing the use of artificial turf for the 2015 World Cup.

In only ten words, she delivered a statement that shocked no one; "We play on artificial turf and there's no Plan B."

Furthermore, the reason independent surveyors are examining the field seems to be an attempt to show FIFA is somewhat addressing "concerns about the quality of the turf" many players have. Haenni went on to state the use of artificial turf can technically be used for any international match, including World Cup qualifiers, according to game regulations and laws. The only concern FIFA has surrounding artificial turf is the quality itself.

Haenni admitted she never played on turf while with the Swiss National Team, and refrained from sharing her own opinion on the use of turf.

Perhaps FIFA thinks that being able to say an independent company concluded the WWC fields are of high-quality will convince players to hold off the impending lawsuit. Somehow, I doubt this proves to be the case.