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Editor's Notes: Farewell playoffs, hello new Crew

The Dynamo were eliminated from the playoffs.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Farewell Playoffs

That sound you heard last night was the celebration of every team in the East over the fact that the Dynamo were eliminated from the playoffs. Sunday, the Dynamo were defeated 3-1 by D.C. United, a team that had never won in Houston. We have only missed the playoffs twice doesn't have the same ring to it that we have only missed the playoffs once did, but it is still more than what most teams can say. There are a number of different ways you can deal with the fact that we have been eliminated from the playoffs.

Drinking- The old go to.

"There is always next year"- Hey, that one has worked out well for us before.

"We aren't as bad as..."- Feel free to insert whatever bottom feeding team you would like to comfort yourself with.

Blame game/Venting- We had injuries this year. We had the World Cup to deal with. All reasons for why we missed the playoffs. Also, handy for venting? The comment section of articles on Dynamo Theory.

Stare at the trophy cabinet- Yeah just go stare at the trophies from past years it'll help.

Build a fort of blankets- I would suggest using orange ones and hiding in it until next season.

While we may be out of postseason content let's not forget that the season is not over. There are still two games left for us to support the team this season. Of course, they end up being on weekdays- a Thursday and Friday.

Hello New Crew

By now surely you have seen the new logo for the Columbus Crew as part of their re-brand. It's a pretty great looking crest in my opinion. The best part about the crest, however, isn't what it actually looks like, but the behind the scenes effort that went into. Rather than hire an outside firm to come up with a logo the team kept it in-house. In doing so they put together a logo that is packed with meaning, but not so packed with meaning that it becomes meaningless. To know where each element of the design came from is great but you don't have to know the meaning behind each choice for it to stand up on its own.

They didn't over think it nor did they over simplify it. They put thought and care into it and well frankly maybe they should have asked them to design the new MLS logo.

And of yeah they signed Kei Kamara for 2015 as well.