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Your face: coming to the back of an MLS jersey near you

MLS has launched a partnership with the company Playing2 to produce number for the back of MLS jerseys that will feature miniature photos of season ticket holder faces.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

MLS put out a press release today that announced that all clubs next year would have special number printed for the back of all MLS jerseys. Printed on the numbers themselves will be faces of each clubs season ticket holders.

MLS fan numbered jerseys

They are very cool looking and it is something that the Mexican national team, Real Madrid, and Altelico Madrid have already done.

I contacted my Dynamo season ticket holder representative to ask for details on how the Dynamo would be choosing the season ticket holders to appear on the numbers. He said an official email would be coming from the club soon, but the Dynamo were planning on doing it in such a way that all season ticket holders would be able to participate in the program.

This is a great marketing ploy from MLS on two fronts of course. One being that it will kick renewals up a notch for next year. Two being that who wouldn't want to buy an official jersey with their face on the back!

We will update with a new article as soon as the official Dynamo details go live.