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New details on Houston Dynamo USL Pro team

Chis Canetti gave out some more details on a 2016 USL Pro team for the Dynamo.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

While speaking with Glen Davis on Soccer Matters Dynamo team president Chris Canetti gave out some more details about the potential for a USL Pro team.

In early September reports came out that the team was looking at starting a USL Pro team in McAllen, TX. Canetti expanded on the team and how it would be set up if they choose to go forward with it in McAllen.

"We are still committed to a USL Pro team in 2016. One of the options that remains on the table is putting a  team in the Rio Grande Valley... That team would be owned and operated with by the Rio Grande Valley Vipers which are the Rockets D-League team." said Canetti. "They would get a state of the art soccer specific stadium built down there in the valley for our team. We would control 100% of the soccer side of the business-the coaching staff, the trainers and the players. We would loan some of our first team and reserve players there as needed. It would be a very similar setup to what you see in other minor league sports."

The team will be reserving the right to put the team in Houston if they choose.

McAllen, TX is about 347 miles from Houston and a five and a half hour drive.