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Dominic Kinnear moving to San Jose, time to move on

With Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear taking the San Jose coaching position, he leaves a mighty hole to fill. Who should be Kinnear’s replacement?

Trask Smith, Blue City Photography

It's official! Houston Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear will be packing up and moving to San Jose at the end of the season ending his contract early in exchange for an unspecified allocation sum from the San Jose Earthquakes. I can't help but feel somewhat exposed by the thought that our coach, who guided us to two MLS Cup victories out of four appearances and who found ways to be competitive until the very end of every season, is moving on.

It always seemed like Kinnear and Houston just went together, and now they're breaking up after years of success and good times. Earlier in the season when the rumors of Dom moving on first hit the airwaves (or the internet equivalent) it struck me that I had never even considered a coach other than Kinnear. Why should I? He's always been here. Sadly, it is time to move on. Whether or not you think he should stay or that the change was necessary, it's time to look ahead because that's what is happening.  This tweet pretty much sums it up:

The future head coach of the Dynamo will have to report to the Technical Director for personnel decisions, something Dominic Kinnear never had to do. The real questions buzzing in fans minds is who the Technical Director will be, and ultimately who is going to be coaching our boys in orange. Dynamo President Chris Canetti has confirmed that the organization is looking at candidates for the Technical Director this week and that the team has received inquiries about the head coaching position since the rumors about Kinnear leaving first broke.

With the reality beginning to sink in, I'm suddenly filled with a new level of enthusiasm about the prospect of change and the unknown. Would I prefer if Dominic Kinnear stayed? You bet, but he's not and the idea of two new people in charge of the team gives me plenty to ponder over in this now longer off-season. Kinnear, Dom, the Dominator, or whatever other name you want to call him (coach?) was such a huge part of the identity of this team for so many years and while it's a shame to see him go, we have to wish him the best and move on. Thank you.