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Carli Lloyd is headed to Houston in exchange for Becky Edwards and additional player

Dash to get USWNT's Carli Lloyd.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to a tweet from Sebastian Salazar the dam broke and we found out that the Dash would be acquiring one of the players starting in last night's USWNT game against Trinidad and Tobago.

With in a few hours Grant Wahl reported that Carli Lloyd would be headed to Houston from the Western New York Flash. What do they get in exchange? Becky Edwards and an unknown players.

The Democrat and Chronicle broke the news that two players would be the price for Lloyd. The article didn't name the additional players, but did say they were former Flash players. Brittany Bock, Stephanie Ochs, and both USWNT allocated players Meghan Klingenberg and Whitney Engen and Becky Edwards. The latter's name came out later in the evening as confirmed reports came out that Edwards would be headed to the Flash.

The trade is expected to be announced on Thursday.