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Mexico falls to Costa Rica in WWC qualifying

Romero gets the start, but Costa Rica dominates in 1-0 win over Mexico.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Group B kicked off at Sporting Park with Costa Rica and Mexico facing off for one of the Women's World Cup spots Thursday night. Only 9 minutes into the game, Mexico was left scrambling to make something out of the first half after Costa Rica took the lead with a goal from Carolina Venegas.

A hard foul on Daniela Cruz left Ari Romero with a yellow card minutes before the first half ended in extra time. Going into halftime, the score of 1-0 would stand with Mexico looking very rattled as Costa Rica controlled the game.

In the second half, Mexico stepped up to take more shots but were often unable to string passes together and come together. Romero sent the ball towards the goal in extra time, giving Mexico one of the best and only opportunities of the second half, but the shot was easily saved by Costa Rica goalkeeper Dinnia Diaz.

Mexico will take on Martinique, who lost to Jamaica in a 6-0 blowout, at 6:30PM EST Saturday night in Chicago.