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Where's Waldo: Dynamo Edition

When it comes to the Dynamo during the next few weeks the largest news won't come from Dynamo wins but rather from rumors of who will become the next Houston Dynamo Head Coach

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

To be a coach right now looking for a job, anyone would be salivating at the chance to coach the Houston Dynamo. A team with loyal fans, a stable ownership group and soccer specific stadium but most importantly a team with many big names and talented veterans. The question becomes however where do the Dynamo turn to for their search.

In House Hiring: Who and Why?

Wade Barrett:

The former Houston Dynamo Captain and now assistant coach is in his 5th year as a assistant coach and has the technical backround and knowledge of the players that are currently with the staff. However many cite his lack of experience beyond the Houston Dynamo and his lack of experience as a coach in major league soccer.

Steve Ralston:

The man who recently had his assist record broken by the great Landon Donovan, is currently in his 4th year as an assistant head coach with Dominic Kinnear and has coached the Dynamo Reserves while maintaining his job with the first team but similar to Barrett his lack of experience is what comes into question.

Tim Hanley:

This is the one man who many would be ok with taking over the Dynamo as head coach. Hanley has been with the Dynamo since the beginning and is currently the assistant coach and has coached legends like Pat Onstead and Tally Hall, while producing men such as Tyler Deric. He has coached in MLS for 15 years and has the experience that so many want however his lack of tactics coaching is what leaves many people into question.

Outsourcing the Job:

Who, from where, and why will become the largest questions over the next few months as the Dynamo look at all options of coaching. With coaches from inside MLS to international coaches many opportunities are available however the fit must be perfect or we could end up like Toronto.

Whoever is decided to be the Head Coach in the off season I'd like to see the Dynamo fans trust and let him make his mark on the team, just as Dom did. Do not judge the man on who he replaced but what he will be able to do.