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U.S. Gets Win, Wins Group A

Klingenberg and Lloyd goals help US win over Haiti; expected first-round draft pick Morgan Brian adds a goal of her own.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The U.S. more than made up for their 1-0 win over Trinidad & Tobago with a 5-0 win over Guatemala and entered their third match at the top of the standings with six points. Despite Ashlyn Harris getting only her fourth cap as goalkeeper, Monday night's game saw many of the regulars, including Abby Wambach and Christie Rampone, back in the starting lineup with a team that dominated Haiti, yet still could not finish and put points on the board.

The U.S. took control of the game early with Carli Lloyd sent the ball past the Haitian goalkeeper in the 2', but it was quickly ruled offside.  Wambach would make several attempts, but the first U.S. goal would come in the 9' by Lloyd.

In the 13' a cross from Christen Press landed on the head of Megan Rapinoe but she could not control the shot and sent it sailing over the goal.  With the U.S. maintaining possession, additional attempts by Tobin Heath and Wambach would be blocked and Harris would remain untested.

Haiti would finally send the ball down the field in the 28', but the U.S. would regain control quickly and send it back towards the Haiti defensive half.  The 34' would see Haiti almost getting a chance, but would be denied by Whitney Engen.

The 38' minute would see Wambach scoring the second goal of the night for the U.S. with a trademark header, courtesy of service by Press and a little help from a Haitian defender.  The U.S. would lead at halftime 2-0.

Heather O'Reilly was subbed in at halftime for Rapinoe, who had seemingly been off her game all night.  Wambach would attempt a header in the 49th but Haiti would force her to shot high. The U.S. would continue to send crosses into the box but could not connect or finish.

Meghan Klingenberg would make a rare goal, and her first on the international level, in the 56' to make it 3-0. Wambach would follow it up with her second goal of the night in the 60' before being subbed for Sydney Leroux, while Morgan Brian would come on for Heath.

The fifth goal of the night would come from Press in the 64'. O'Reilly would make several denied attempts before Brian would secure the sixth goal of the night in the 82'. The score of 6-0 would remain, sending the U.S. to Philadelphia as the winners of Group A.

Lloyd- 9'
Wambach- 38'
Klingenberg- 56'
Wambach- 60'
Press- 64'
Brian- 82'