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Chris Canetti updates media on Coach/TD search

Christ Canetti addressed the media and provided an update about the search for a new Dynamo head coach and Technical Director as well as the expectations he has of those hires.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Houston Dynamo President Chris Canetti addressed the media this afternoon about some of the developments the organization has made in finding a new coach and technical director. Canetti said that the organization had a shortened list of potential coaching candidates and that all three assistant coaches would be given interviews. Canetti went on to say that the goal was to have a coach in place by the December 10th expansion draft, but that no decisions on players would be made until a coach was named and there was no official timetable for any hiring.

While the Dynamo remain shorthanded, Dynamo Director of Soccer Operations Nick Kowba will assist Chris Canetti until a head coach and technical director have been named. Kowba has been Dominic Kinnear's right hand man, and hopes to be in consideration for the technical director position. One of Kowba's recent feats was spearheading the deal that brought Luis Garrido to the Dynamo.

It may seem like there is a lot of uncertainty, but Canetti made it clear from the beginning that he expects the Dynamo to be competitive next season. He wants to make sure that whoever gets brought in has an understanding of MLS and has a pre-established scouting network.

What Dynamo fans should take away from all of this is that the organization is hard at work to bring in a staff that is ready to compete for the MLS Cup immediately. They are being thorough and have taken steps in narrowing their list of candidates. What concerns me most is the kind of player decisions that get made for the expansion draft, but I'll ignore those concerns now and appreciate the hard work that the front office is putting in to make sure the team is well looked after in the near future.

You can watch the full press conference here:

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